Moving Forward

Well, I just received more donations (from my boss and GastricGirl!), which brings my total to 75% -- you all are so kind. I know times are financially challenging, so know I really do appreciate the support -- as do those who live with MS, waiting for a cure.

Today I'll hit the gym with lifting and swimming. I think something clicked with me and swimming and I realize I don't so much dread getting in the pool anymore. Much like running, once you start, you see progress quickly -- I need that to keep my interest and motivation up. Truly, it is more of a pain to drag all the stuff along, get changed, dry off and leave with wet hair, etc.! But then the question is... Deal with the p-i-t-a.... or have good health. ;-)

26 days until the Lonestar Tri (and I'm actually excited)
44 days until the MS150
88 days until the Danskin

The gym plan this week (I was "off" on Monday):
TUE: Lift & Swim
WED: Lift & Run
THU: Bike (gym, road or spin?)
FRI: Swim
SAT: Bike (Road) & Run
SUN: Swim/Bike (?)

The food plan today:

So you know the whole Facebook thing is kind of strange. I mean, it's been cool to reconnect and see how old high school friends turned out, what they're doing now and see their beautiful families. But, no matter how great it is to reconnect, most of us are so not the people we were back then. In some cases it's been awesome to find out how much in common you now have with someone you never suspected...

As one friend put it it, "It's nice to be in a place, in life, where the past just doesn't compute anymore. Life is good."


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Oh, your food plan rocks! I wish wish WISH I could learn to like cottage cheese. It's just so... curd-y.

    Hey, I rode my (read: Justin's) bike yesterday! And it was so much fun, and I thought of you. I also thought, hey, why are my lady-parts getting numb? I think I need a new bike seat...

  2. You GO Girl! I'm doing the 5 day pouch test at the end of this week... so cottage cheese and I will soon become very good friends for the better part of a day.

  3. Wow, I wish I lived closer to you to go to the gym with you! LOL
    You are truly amazing, and I'm very proud of you! I can only hope to keep up with you one day! :)


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