QuikEnergy™ V-Neck Aquatard from Junonia

I just received my Junonia Catalog in the mail, and while the clothing they offer does not fit me any longer, I still check out their performance sportswear. Years ago, at over 300 lbs. I remember how thrilled I was to find quality bike shorts and a jersey that fit. I remember writing Anne Kelly, the owner of Junonia and commenting -- she actually wrote back and asked if I could be quoted for their catalog, but nothing ever came of it. That was back in 2002, I think!

Miss Kelly, if you read this, I'd love to test this Aquatard -- Hubs will kill me if I buy another piece of performance clothing! LOL

Seriously, though, I am curiuos to see how it functions in a multisport event -- I'm sure it is comfortable for the swim, since that's it's main purpose -- but I wonder if the support is enough for the run -- or do the legs stay in place or ride up on the bike?

In any case, my shopping experiences with Junonia are good. Their offerings are of good quality, but the prices were always a tad bit to high for me to be a routine shopper -- so really I only purchased special, hard-to-find items, or items from Juno's Closet.

This Aquatard is in their current catalog, along with a few other swimsuits that offer the same technology. I wore an Orca Trisuit for my tri last summer and it was really hard for me mind-wise, but I nutted up and did it anyway. There are definitely pluses and minuses to 1 and 2 piece tri-ensembles, so you have to make your choice based on your preferences.

For me:
  • 2 pieces are easy for going potty -- don't have to strip down!
  • 1 pieces are nice because you're not tugging here and there to keep covered;
  • 1 pieces don't "ride-up north" when swimming or riding.
I'm really split between the two, which is what perpetuates my search for the right Athena gear. I guess I don't understand how companies can say it's not profitable to offer the plus size gear when Junonia makes a living at it. Will I pay more if something is good and I really need it? Heck yeah! And if it's something that doesn't accentuate the negative about my body, that's even better!

From the description it doesn't say there is bicycle friendly padding in this garment. But, truthfully, I think sprint distance tri is doable without padding. I love the look of it and it's just enough color without drawing too much attention. :)

Here's the info, snipped from Junonia's site, on the Aquatard:

QuikEnergy™ V-Neck Aquatard Sleeveless, v-neck one-piece features contrast coloring at front zipper, princess seams and arm straps. All-around inner shelf bra. Quick-drying, moisture-wicking QuikEnergy™ reduces cramps with excellent muscle compression. 50+ UPF sun protection. (Size 1 inseam 8”). 78% Nylon/22% Lycra. Hand wash cold. Imported. #537512 Junonia's Price: $99.95

I'll catagorize this garment as Swim only -- would hate to say it is tri friendly without knowing, for sure, if it is. If any Athena's decide to try it, let me know!


  1. Thanks a lot for the great write-up, Donna! We're not looking for wear-testers right at the moment, but we'll keep you on the radar for the future!

  2. Did you know there is another triathlon here in Austin?

    It is the Trek Triathlon (same course as the danskin) and it is going to be held may 17th.

  3. Kudos to U Donna! u r inspiration to many!! keep tri-ing :)

  4. Anonymous7:01 PM

    My experience as a 2-3X/week swimmer is that the elastic in the legs is too tight and leaves deep, painful red ridges in the skin of my thighs. A larger suit would be too big for the rest of my body. Junonia's Quick Energy aquatard is not as good as the discontinued Zippy aquatard which had a better overall supportive fit without the elastic binding problem.


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