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Okay, so this is my last entry for this morning. I promise. :)

I have to get this plug in for a local running store, The Runner's Link in League City, TX. A friend of mine referred me there, and I'm so happy I went! I met Cassandra, and right away I felt very comfortable! I mean, why wouldn't I -- she shares my Daughter's name! I've been to other stores where sales people see a larger athlete and they either don't take them seriously or ignore us altogether. It's always a challenge to overcome and not feel "less than" when I go into these places.

In any case, Cassandra was helpful, friendly, knowledgable and just all-around awesome! She asked for my old kixx and I stood on a machine called the iStep/iFit. It's a machine that measures the distribution of weight on your feet. It also shows your correct shoe size and tells you what kind of arch you have. Couple that with and examination of how I walk and she bases a recommendation based on those elements for my specific needs.

For me, it turns out I pronate my left; my foot rolls to the outside -- this could be why when I started actually running more than walking on further distances, my hip was causing me grief.

Cassandra made a shoe recommendation and even though she didn't have the shoe in stock, she was more concerned that I had the right shoe and was not in pain. She wrote down her first and second choices for me and even gave me a number of websites to purchase them from, since she wouldn't have hers in for 2 weeks. Come on... how cool is that? She's right too, I will go back. :)

So I wait patiently for my Mizuno Wave Nirvana... hey, if a sneaker can bring me closer to actually finding Nirvana in running, I'm all for it! From what I can read about it this shoe, is for stability. Cassandra said I am not a hard runner in that I don't have a heavy strike, because there was little wear on my sneaker, but my larger frame does cause the shoe to breakdown faster. This shoe should be appropriate for my effort.

If you're local, check'em out! Saw a BOGO1/2 Off sign in their window if you are in the market for running apparel!


  1. Wow - that sounds like a VERY cool store!

  2. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Hey Donna! Long time, no comment, I know!

    How much are the shoes running you, if I may ask? We have a runner store in the next town over and I've wanted to check it out but am afraid of the cost of a decent pair of running shoes!

  3. Wow, I will have to go down there and check them out. Looking at the wear and tear on my shoes, I walk very strangely, and probably need much better shoes than what I currently wear! Thanks for sharing! :)


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