Tour de Houston *Updated*

Great ride... better than I expected. Great company -- thanks *E* and Linda! Near perfect weather. A little windy, but bearable. The tour takes you through different areas of Houston (some of which I'd never seen. There were some very pretty spots.

Overall an enjoyable ride... except for the lack of coordinated traffic control at the lights. Truly, if I wasn't more respectable I would have had a few words for those cops. I'm so glad they were sooooo supportive *big-ass-eye-roll*

Here's how the day ended up

39.8 miles
13.5 average
High Speed: 28 mph
Average HR 141
Calories burned: 3,800+

Doing the spin class and 5K the day before the ride I felt wiped last night... my legs felt like lead weights. I pulled my back last night, but it feels much better today (thankfully). No training today, Monday.

This week will be tough -- Cass and I are headed to NJ on Thursday through Monday. All I can really do there is Run, which I guess is something. I will swim both Tuesday and Wednesday this week -- gotta practice breathing... it really screws with my pace/rhythm; I just don't feel smooth. I was better off holding my breath. LOL I'll get it though.

And now for some race pix...

The Start line

Just some scenery

Houston looks kinda nice from here

End of ride... *E* and I


  1. Wow, congratulations on your ride. How long did it take you to work up to the 20-40 mile rides? I don't feel like I'll ever get there! :(

  2. Congratulations!! :-) Another successful raceday event. :-)

  3. Congrats!!
    I heard it was a great ride. The route looked as though it would be fun, but sticky with all those intersections.
    (My husband rode it, too.)
    I'm on for the Bluebonnet Express next Sunday. How about you?


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