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Dancing With the Stars Called...

They want their spray tan back. :)

Brick Today!

Today's training was a bike/run brick. I'm pretty happy. :)

First the bike I did in my neighborhood, instead of meeting up with BAM -- I just didn't have time to do my brick so late in the evening today. The ride out was awesome with tailwinds and speeds of 20+ mph! I paid for it on the way back. Ended up averaging almost 15 mph... Totally acceptable given the wind.

I've decided that I am no longer going to "check" for wind. All I have in Houston is wind. The only "hills" we have are bridges and overpasses... so I may as well take the resistance where I can.

I wasn't sure how the run was going to go. I intended to do 3, but 2.6 had to do; I mis-routed the course I guess. Anyway I averaged as 12.06 pace... that's my best pace to date! I think that long 5 mile run helped... I don't know.

I'm a happy girl, and feeling very accomplished today.

Crazy 8's

Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1.) Getting Cass' room painted
2.) Improving in both running and swimming; all things Tri
3.) Less running around over the summer? Less hectic, maybe?
4.) Darren and I doing a tri together-- maybe.
5.) The weekend... of course.
6.) Gettin' right with my Thyroid.
7.) Finishing this large-ass project at work
8.) The day my help desk person doesn't come in acting like a crabby patty, or that her problems are bigger than everyone else's.

8 Things I Did Yesterday (not in this order):
1.) Fought with Cass about what to wear in her hair. (No, you can't wear ponies, a headband AND barrettes)
2.) Fought with Cass about what to eat (No, Easter candy is not for breakfast)
3.) Went to work and thought Tuesday was Wednesday (for realz... check my FB page.)
4.) Swam, swam and swam some more. Oh, and lfted.
5.) Ate gross savory seafood penne for dinner... was good initially, but it is a "Leftover FAIL"
6.) Lance twittered that his Dau…

Busy, But Not Busy Blogging

I've been busy between training and work. I have moments where I think I will blog, but it turns out to be nothing more than a workout entry... I know, borrrrr-rrrring. :)

This entry won't prove to be much more, I'm sorry. Well, maybe... we'll see how it goes. LOL

I got back from the MS150... oh, wait... I mean MS75 and hit the ground running. Literally. I don't have to win a trophy, but I'm serious about improving a little each subsequent tri that I enter. My next tri is Silverlake on 5/17. Can't go without any tri-fun until then, so I'll be rooting Elysha on for the Combat Tri from the sidelines. LOL

I had my longest distance swim and longest distance run last week. I was really proud to achieve those 2 accomplishments. I can only go up from here, right? Plus, I'll never hurt as much again as I did the day after my 5 mile run. LOL

Today I have to do 600 yards, according to BAM's beginner training plan. I'm going to 600 yards, but I'll do i…

Swimming on Friday

I have to stay late tonight for some server maintenance, so I took a longer lunch and decided to swim. I did 1650 (a swimmer's mile in 46 minutes! :) Tugboat-like speed, but it's a start. :)

Really I was just going to be happy doing a 500 nonstop (which I also did).

But now, back to work. :)

Wednesday Brick and Random Stuff

Trained with a Brick yesterday, 12 mile bike-to-2 mile run.

Ride was good... decent average speed. Run was just okay... I'll get better though, I know. I'm already tons better with running outside, but have a way to go to even be decent. I'm just happy I am running more than walking. Still loving my running shoes too... no pain in my hip at all.

I'm contemplating seeing someone for acupuncture to help address my thyroid. I've read about it in several places and if this Western medicine practice works, it would be nice not to have to take the Levoxyl. My husband's Chiropractor is certified in it, so it might be worth looking into.

Things at work pretty much stink right now. I have to put my employee on a performance improvement plan today for a period of 60 days. I know she's going to be all passive-aggressive and resentful, but it's gotta be done. She's made some huge errors that have been costly. Everyone makes mistakes, but clearly there is n…

"Why I Tri" Contest Entry

So I don't normally solicit kudos, but more than a few people have shared with me that they feel what I do is pretty cool... some have even called me an "inspiration." I can honestly say that I appreciate their comments, but I have to work hard to accept them graciously. Often I don't feel like much of an inspiration, but through keeping this blog I have learned, that at the least, what people see me do helps them believe that they can do something... anything.. too. And that is more than I could ask. :)

So, with that said, I entered a contetst at PowerTri, called "Why I Tri" I wrote in a little paragraph about why I do it and I am supposed to get people to write-in and vote for me. On of my faves, Kim, was kind enough to write in, so I thought I would share it. I want to keep it so that when I'm not feeling so good about me, my effort or my progress, I have something to remind me.

I'd really like to submit my vote for Donna T. in Houston to be the wi…

"MS75" Race Report

Our ride into La Grange...
"MS150 or Bust - Ride or Swim"
This was the first time in 25 years any part of the MS150 had to be canceled -- figures it has to be on the 25th anniversary of the event. The cool thing was that 11,000 of the 13,000 registered riders showed up to play in the hills, wind and bike grease... and there was lots of bike grease. For some, more than others. LOL

E and D offered the use of their RV for the event, and it was the way to travel! I'm so grateful! We managed to leave Houston before the torrential rains on Saturday and arrived safely, with D's superior driving skills... I think he must have been a bus driver in a previous life; he takes it *very* seriously. :) D is E's husband... and now our "Rider Support" dude.

We made it to La Grange and just chilled on Saturday night. Doug made us some sketti and meatballs (YUM!) We went into town and took a walk -- La Grange's population is 4,400, so there's not much to see. But we f…

Why Day 1 of 2009 MS150 Was Cancelled

A friend of the Texas Children's team snapped these picutre of the grounds in La Grange. Obviously you can see why Day 1 and the overnight are cancelled.

Thanks to the MS150 folks for putting the safety of the volunteers and riders first. :) Seriously, even though it is somewhat of a dissapointment, they are doing the right thing. I'm certain though that there will be those folks to make the ride anyway, in spite of no rest stop or rider support. Hopefully they'll be safe.

We'll be heading out to La Grange this morning to find a place to park the RV and spend the overnight there so we'll be ready for the Day 2 start. Still should be lots of fun and riding into Austin for the finish at the Capitol is a great feeling.

They're talking 10 - 15 mph headwinds. They'll be slower in the morning, but will ramp up as the day goes on. Eh, can't be much worse than last year, right? LOL

More on MS150 Weather for 2009

So here's the map for the MS150 course... People don't realize that rest stops are pretty close together... so if you can ride 12 miles straight, you get a rest. My goal this year is to stop every other rest stop.

All the news here in Houston is about the weather. There's no avoiding getting wet while riding on Saturday, but the conclusion there is get to La Grange (the overnight spot) as quickly and SAFELY as we can to avoid the rain.

I am not so much worried about getting wet... I'm nowhere sweet enough that I'd melt, but I am worried about safety. I took a downhill last year at 39 mph on a dry road... makes me a little nervous doing that on the wet road with lots of beginner riders! *cringe* I'll trust that I will be be safe and taken care of.

I guess part of the prize finish in Austin will be the nice weather, along with that feeling of accomplishment. :) I'll be posting mobile uploads to my Facebook Page throughout the ride, wet as it may be...…

Skirt Sports Tri Tank Review

The Skirt Sports Tri Tank is made very nicely. The fabric is quality; lighter (thinner) than others like this. I can tell it will be a nice weight for the summer tris. I also appreciate the seamless stitching. It's all-around comfy.

I also like the fact this top seems to be sized for the average athlete -- not all super-skinny-pro-elite-fit. It's form fitting, but not tight, or unsightly.

It does not really offer compression like you would find in the elite level garments -- but that could be because the top I purchased was big on me. Even still, with that said, if you're looking for performance compression you might want to check out an elite level garment.

I think I could make a mint if I could create a tri top that doesn't require a separate sports bra... oh well, you still need a sports bra underneath, for sure.
Here's the sizing:
XS - 0 -2
S - 4 - 6
M - 8 - 10
L - 12 - 14
XL - 16 - 18
XXL 20 - 22

This top is long... it totally covers my hips; not like the Aqua Terra top…

Power Tri!

Okay, friends, here's where you can help me out again, and it only costs a few clickity-clicks of your mouse!

I don't normally solicit votes, but there's a $100 gift card at stake, so I'm game to go for it.

I entered the Team PowerTri, "Why I Tri" contest. Winners are determined by voting, posting and I guess just all around spreading the word about PowerTri on the internet!

So... here's what you can do...

Send an email and tell them and tell them why you think I should win; that is, if you do thinks so

Facebook PowerTri a message about Donna T. from Houston! Tell them how stinkin' cool I am... maybe they'll believe you. I believe me. :P Well someone's got to, right???

Twit or Tweet them! Ryan Danforth should know how cool you think I am!

The more ways you vote the better. The winner is based on story and votes; and you all know my story. :)

Showing Our Colors

The Houston Chronicle's online "Commons" page is hosting pictures of Jerseys of those doing the MS150 this year... check out the site and submit yours, if you're riding!

So Close!!

It's getting closer to the MS150 start, and I am getting a little nervous about the rain, but I'm trying to see the bigger picture... the idea that I can do this kind of thing, at all, is pretty cool in itself.

I have an MS150 Checklist. It began with my own, and it's been augmented by items I thought resourceful from other experienced MS150 riders. It's a Google Doc spreadsheet, so if you like to literally check things off (like me) feel free to print and use it! Let me know if you have any great tips, like and Mom's Toolbox shared. :)

Things I still need to do/get:

Clear rain poncho
Shower caps
Find my sleeping bag
Replace Handlebar tape
TMC Logistics meeting TODAY
Pickup Race Packet (Friday)
Find giant duffle bag

Sometime today I need to get my long run in. Long for me is 5 miles. I mapped out a nice course in my neighborhood, so I should be able to squeeze it in when I get home... even if it's getting a little dark.

I got my Danskin Tri Tech Tee yesterday. It'…

My Boy.... "George"

Soooo sad for George this weekend at Paris Roubaix. He was one of the favorites for this race and Unfortunately there was a bad crash on thcobbles of Arenberg, which slashed the field, giving the breakway an assist. Next, George suffered some bad mechanical luck (and looong-a$$ wheel change) then met a series of attacks once he made back toward the front, the combination elminated the chance of a winning finish.

This guy is such an awesome teamate... he's put in his time. He deserves his moment in the sun. It bothers me that he's mentioned thinking of retirement, but I'm glad he feels he "can't go out like this." So there's another Roubaix for him next year, I think, and he has a great team around him.

He just trained so hard for this specific race, I can't imagine how frustrating it must feel.

Love this video of him...

Outdoor Run

3.04 miles 38:19
12:36 pace.

Not bad... for me. :)

Tons o' Stuff

We had a really nice weekend, beginning on Thursday with Cass' "Spring Bonnet Parade" at school.

Friday night when we colored our Easter eggs. Cass had a great time... I think Daddy enjoyed it too!

Later, Saturday, Cass-a-frass and I waited 2 hours for a picture with the Easter Bunny for over 2 hours. I could not believe she was being soooo patient, but then again when you want something bad enough... :) The pictures came out cute, but of course I have yet to scan them yet to share.

We came home and made some pom-pom animals. I found a craft idea in a magazine... of course no pictures of those either. *sigh* But I'll get them. :)

I went for a ride on Saturday morning with BAM! Holy Cannoli! The wind was quite the challenge for so early in the morning. We went through the Kemah area; I never knew Toddville Road was quite so long! It gave me some ideas for routes of my own from my house. :)

This week will be light with training. I will mostly swim, but I will do t…

Totally NOT Blog Related...

It's Easter here in our house... here' s some pre-record *live* footage of this morning... fair warning... it's 7 minutes long; probably most suited for the Granparents! LOL


So this little ditty is my latest creation. If you can't tell, it's studded with what else? Rhinestones, of course. :)

Today I'm off to swim and lift. Cass is at a friend's house for an all day play-date. This is a first. My hope is the two of them aren't killing one another since they only have one another to play with! LOL

I will be riding with BAM on Saturday (20 miles) and not exactly sure what I'll be doing next week. Probably more swimming than anything difficult on my legs -- just keep the cardio going.

I can't believe a week from tomorrow starts the MS150. Let's get it done and over with... so I can focus on my tri schedule.

This girl has been bit by the bug.. the tri bug that is. :)

Exercise Quiz

Take this quiz...

2 More...

I like this one though.. pretty cool. Me... ridin' like a girl!

Cool - Free Swim Plan Help!

Just learned about

Not sure why it took me so long to find out about this resource, either that or if someone did tell me about it, I didn't realize how cool it was.

Anyway, you sign up and it gives you free workout plans according to your criteria. So for Friday's swim session, it generated this plan:

I did hit the gym yesterday for weights and swim. I was surprised how much lifting took out of me before the swim. I essentially slogged through 1200 m :( I have to find a way to squeeze in 2 days of lifting somewhere. I don't feel good when I don't lift.

I got to the pool and there were a bunch (like 5) accomplished swimmers there drilling. They were very nice and offered me to share a lane, but since I still suck at swimming, I hate to mess up anyone's pace and make them have to swim around me. They were all very nice and 3 of them shared one lane for their long drills, which freed up some room for me. :) One day I'll glide through the water…

Food Journal 4/7/09

Still with the balanced eating. I have not entered anything into my food journal since before my trip to NJ...

You know the drill... click on it if you want to read it... if not, fine. :)

Feeling High!

As I remember with the Clear Lake Tri last summer, when I finished I felt I could tackle anything. And the truth is, I can... with the right training.

So, with that I am now a member of BAM! Bay Area Multisport training. I am starting on their beginner's program tomorrow. Luckily their "off" day is the same as mine. LOL Conincidence?

I think not. :)

I've revamped my schedule a bit to make good use of my USAT membership and training program through BAM!

4/18-4/19 MS150
5/17 Silverlake Tri
5/23 Combat Tri / Pool
6/7 Danskin Tri
6/28 Y Freedom Tri
8/16 Sweet & Twisted Tri
9/6 Summertime Blues Tri
9/13 Tour de Pink (cycling only)
10/4 Benbrook Women's Tri (tentative)
10/18 Try Andy's Tri

100% Achieved

Holy cow! Can't believe you all help me reach my MS150 goal. Who knows, I may even exceed it. Last year I raised $800 and truly only expected to raise the minimum of $400 needed to ride, so thanks so much for your contributions, and belief in me to see the ride through.

If you haven't checked in the last few days, there are plenty of pictures from both the Lonestar Triathlon and the Space Race. Had a blast this weekend... feel very good about everything accomplished and now just want to focus on getting better and improving.

So, with that said, I just registered for the Bay Area Multisport (BAM!) group for some help with training. For $38 a year, I'm sure I'll learn something to help me improve AND have other experienced athletes to train with. :)

That's it for now... I have a busy Monday ahead of me.

2009 Space Race - Great Ride!

I cannot believe I had such a great ride today, consiering how windy it was. I'm not sure where my legs came from, as I stil feel pretty under the weather, but definitely better than yesterday.

I averaged 15.2 mph for 42 miles... I've never sustained that kind of average over a distance more than 15 miles, I don't think. If I did, it would be because there were tons of tail winds helping along.

Elysha rocked it too, joining me for the the second day of fun! She's a touch chick, for sure. Not much in the way of pictures... but heres's a few

The race is sponsored by Ronald McDonald House, if you can't figure that out from the pictures:

Elysha finishing!

Here We Are... the Lonestar Tri Girls :)

Heather, Elysha, me and Katie (we befriended Katie at the race) in our uglies!

2009 Lonestar Tri Race Report

I had been suffering from sinus/allergy trouble all week. Coupled with a lack of sleep, today wasn't stellar, but I'm still proud. I had problems breathing, because I couldn't take good, deep breaths without coughing. As I type this my head is just pounding! Enough excuses though, right? Slow or fast, I still did the tri. :)

I went to the site yesterday for the beginners' seminar. I'm really glad I did. Jana from Tri on the Run shared tips and a checklist which was really helpful. This event was very well thought out. The little things made it a success and fun to do.

Be prepared... this post is going to be all over the place. I'm kinda out of it.

Soooo yesterday I met up with *E* and *H*. They texted me earlier about how freaked out they were about the swim, as they attended the swim clinic on Friday. I am starting to think that NOT going to the clinic was better! Long story short, the swim was scary. The winds had picked up and the water was much c…