So this little ditty is my latest creation. If you can't tell, it's studded with what else? Rhinestones, of course. :)

Today I'm off to swim and lift. Cass is at a friend's house for an all day play-date. This is a first. My hope is the two of them aren't killing one another since they only have one another to play with! LOL

I will be riding with BAM on Saturday (20 miles) and not exactly sure what I'll be doing next week. Probably more swimming than anything difficult on my legs -- just keep the cardio going.

I can't believe a week from tomorrow starts the MS150. Let's get it done and over with... so I can focus on my tri schedule.

This girl has been bit by the bug.. the tri bug that is. :)


  1. I love the new top... that is VERY cute - now you need one in pink with black rinestones... SUPER CUTE!

  2. Corrie4:11 PM

    Cuteness! I am like a raccoon when it comes to shiny things - jewelry counters are dangerous business...

  3. Love the top!! Verrry cute! :)

    Good luck with the MS150!!


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