Busy, But Not Busy Blogging

I've been busy between training and work. I have moments where I think I will blog, but it turns out to be nothing more than a workout entry... I know, borrrrr-rrrring. :)

This entry won't prove to be much more, I'm sorry. Well, maybe... we'll see how it goes. LOL

I got back from the MS150... oh, wait... I mean MS75 and hit the ground running. Literally. I don't have to win a trophy, but I'm serious about improving a little each subsequent tri that I enter. My next tri is Silverlake on 5/17. Can't go without any tri-fun until then, so I'll be rooting Elysha on for the Combat Tri from the sidelines. LOL

I had my longest distance swim and longest distance run last week. I was really proud to achieve those 2 accomplishments. I can only go up from here, right? Plus, I'll never hurt as much again as I did the day after my 5 mile run. LOL

Today I have to do 600 yards, according to BAM's beginner training plan. I'm going to 600 yards, but I'll do it as many times as I can in an hour, so we''ll see.

I went to the Endocrinologist yesterday and he said I "looked great" and noticed I was down another couple pounds. I kind of winced in disappointment and he knew right away; I wanted more gone! He said, "Be patient. You're gonna do great! I promise!"

I did remember to ask him a couple things:

Is soy bad for a Hypothyroid?
"YES! Unless you eat the same amount of soy everyday, it will be impossible for me to regulate your Levoxyl."

Is Splenda bad for your thyroid?
"Naah, doesn't matter, but natural sweeteners are better for you."

Can you clarify what was wrong with my Thyroid, I'm a little confused. If my TSH was normal, then what specifically is the problem?
"The baseline TSH screening was normal, but when we did the TRH test, your TSH was 29." A "healthy" TSH level is .5 to 5.0.

Is it possible the caloric limitations the gastric bypass creates, coupled with my activity, create this state of hypothyroidism?
"Good question, shows you're thinking, but no."

I did manage to have some fun this past weekend. Friends of ours returned to Houston for a visit; a few years ago they moved to Germany. It was nice to see them. We all met for Dinner at Rickshaw in Houston... it was awesome! I only had a sip, but the Mojitos (spelling???) were tasty, not to mention their Sushi... I highly recommend the "Big Buddha" Yum!

Lots coming up on the calendar. Lots of weekend work through the end of June for me. Darren and Cass are off to Alabama (I'll be painting Cass' room while they're gone), a couple tri's, Cass' recital and get this: Graduation ceremony at Uof H for the Pre-K to K kids. Do you believe that? LOL

Oh, and that employee issue here at work? Oiy... had to present her with a performance improvement plan. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. For the first 5 minutes my voice just shook as I spoke. She was expressionless for 15 minutes. I had no idea what she was thinking. Finally she started talking. She said, "it is not a surprise." It never really is, is it? It's over now... so onward and upward.


  1. I wonder what would happen if I had that second thyroid test done... interesting... although - I did lose 6 pounds while taking the fertility meds... and the puzzling thing is that they didn't come back when I stopped that round - something with that seems wacky!

  2. Corrie4:01 PM

    Thanks for posting the thyroid info. I was wondering about soy products... now I know!

    Are you guys underwater down there?

  3. Way to go on hitting your longest distances.. it's got to feel great! :)


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