Crazy 8's

Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1.) Getting Cass' room painted
2.) Improving in both running and swimming; all things Tri
3.) Less running around over the summer? Less hectic, maybe?
4.) Darren and I doing a tri together-- maybe.
5.) The weekend... of course.
6.) Gettin' right with my Thyroid.
7.) Finishing this large-ass project at work
8.) The day my help desk person doesn't come in acting like a crabby patty, or that her problems are bigger than everyone else's.

8 Things I Did Yesterday (not in this order):
1.) Fought with Cass about what to wear in her hair. (No, you can't wear ponies, a headband AND barrettes)
2.) Fought with Cass about what to eat (No, Easter candy is not for breakfast)
3.) Went to work and thought Tuesday was Wednesday (for realz... check my FB page.)
4.) Swam, swam and swam some more. Oh, and lfted.
5.) Ate gross savory seafood penne for dinner... was good initially, but it is a "Leftover FAIL"
6.) Lance twittered that his Daughter did a tri -- tried to google it and see how she did. No luck "Stalker FAIL" LOL
7.) Tried to explain drive mappings vs. rights assignments to our controller and watched her head spin like the kiddo in Poltergeist.
8.) Ate well.

8 Things I Wish I Could/Want To Do:
1.) My kingdom for a supportive, comfortable and good fitting tri top!
2.) Cut off my pannus... when the time is right.
3.) Have another kiddo -- Don't tell me, I know, the clock is ticking
4.) Leave Houston... for where, I don't care.
5.) Have all the fool-proof answers to keep my kid safe, teach her right and trust her parents.
6.) Maybe.... just maybe... a half marathon or Olympic distance tri -- after #2 happens.
7.) Make Mom understand life is too short to spend it working all the time; she's missing out on so much. The sun will still rise and set even if she's not at work.
8.) Get Darren all the time and money he needs to finish that automotive cocoon in the garage called a "Mustang"

8 Shows I watch (you can tell I don't have HBO anymore):

1.) Rescue Me
2.) 30 Rock
3.) 24
4.) Damages
5.) Idol
6.) Biggest Loser
7.) Life
8.) The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


  1. Some of the things on your list crack me up...

    I've been on the same end trying to explain something technical and watching people glaze over... or have their head spin around. HA!

    I might just have to steal this and use it for my blog too. :-)

  2. ha, I watch a lot of the same shows that you do!
    Good list! :)


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