Power Tri!

Okay, friends, here's where you can help me out again, and it only costs a few clickity-clicks of your mouse!

I don't normally solicit votes, but there's a $100 gift card at stake, so I'm game to go for it.

I entered the Team PowerTri, "Why I Tri" contest. Winners are determined by voting, posting and I guess just all around spreading the word about PowerTri on the internet!

So... here's what you can do...

Send an email and tell them and tell them why you think I should win; that is, if you do thinks so

Facebook PowerTri a message about Donna T. from Houston! Tell them how stinkin' cool I am... maybe they'll believe you. I believe me. :P Well someone's got to, right???

Twit or Tweet them! Ryan Danforth should know how cool you think I am!

The more ways you vote the better. The winner is based on story and votes; and you all know my story. :)


  1. I tried to start out by sending the email, but the link only takes us to a blogger page that has an error message.

  2. I'm blocked at work, but I'll try to get in tonight and take care of it! :)



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