I haven't been blogging much the last couple weeks. Between training and work things have been just a tad busy. The Danskin Tri is in just 9 days; I am both excited and anxious to get this one done.

Darren and Cass were in 'bama this past holiday weekend while I worked. We had no idea how long everything would take, so we planned to be here throughout the weekend to get things going; I was definitely glad all went fairly smooth on one really long night. Of course we have a couple things to fine-tune, but overall it was a smooth transition.

While my family was gone, aside from missing them (it makes for a quiet house!), after 2 hours of sleep, on Saturday I volunteered/watched at the Combat Tri at College of the Mainland. Elysha participated; she's my "she-ro". The woman never stops -- she never sits still. She puts me to shame. LOL

Speaking of not sitting still, later on Saturday after we (Elysha, me and her Husband) headed out to Austin, and on Sunday we befriended another lone rider and rode the Danskin bike course. I left feeling good about it, knowing that I would definitely do better than I did in 2003, when I was the bike-leg of our Tri Diva relay team. :) And that is my only goal... to do better than I did the last time.

On Monday I finished the border in Cassie's room; so glad it's done and she loved it! Particularly the sparkly gems I integrated into the flowers. I have to take some pictures of it and post it -- It came out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. :) I want to design a headboard now. I have some ideas and a Husband who can get jiggy with a with a saw, so be very afraid.

Later on Monday Elysha invited me on the boat and we headed out to Clear Lake for some open water swimming practice. Well, let's just say our intentions were good. The water was pretty rough from all the boaters and jet-skiers on the holiday weekend. It was hilarious because while we'd be in the boat the water was calm, no one passing by... but the moment we got in the water, we were like a magnet, drawing all the boats near us! We tried. :) It was still very relaxing, so all was not lost.

Today I'm planning a 15 m bike/3 m run brick. Tomorrow is running, Friday is an open water swim at Anders Lake with others from my tri training group. A little nervous about the water life, but I fiugre if we're there in numbers, we should scare all the critters away.

Saturday, the same group is heading out to Surfside for another bike/run brick to Galveston. For me I will do a 40 m ride and maybe 5 mile run (possibly just 3)

I haven't done much with getting weights in yet... I think after the danskin, I'll have some new focus for the next tri and since I'll already have a baseline, I'll be able to judge how much the weights helped.

As for my thyroid stuff, we're still working on it. I see the doc again, right after the Danskin. I will say that the weight is continuing to come off slowly. My doc suggested that since I am now HYPERthyroid that I lay off the accupuncture until we get my meds regulated. So that's a bummer, but I understand.


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