The Cassinator

This just tickled me.. probably won't tickle anyone else. But she's so funny about "racing". Even racing up the stairs she gets all nervous and worried she won't win. Certainly it is not something I've taught her, but I guess kids just naturally pick it up at school. We just try to tell her to do her best and not quit.

Cassie: "Mommy, I want to ride my bike on the home day."
Mommy: "Okay, we'll make time for it"
Cassie: "I want to ride with you on all the days" (that means all the time)
Mommy: "You want to race with Mommy too?"
Cassie" "Gasp* "No, I don't I like races" (as she visibly cringes)
Mommy: "No?"
Cassie: "I am afraid I won't win"
Mommy: "You know Cassie, Mommy never wins."
Cassie: She's quiet for a second "Never???"
Mommy: "Never."
Mommy: "What about just riding or running for fun?"
Cassie: "I can do that!"
Mommy: "We can do a "fun run" together one day."
Cassie: "what's a fun run?"
Mommy: "A bunch of kiddos your age run together and cross a finish line."
Cassie: "I would like to fun run, not race."
Cassie: "If we run really, really long, into space, we can have lots of fun!"
Cassie: "The person with the most fun wins, right Mommy? And there's room for everyone to have fun in space"

Mommy: "Right, Cassie." :)


  1. It's hard to argue with wonderful logic like that! She's adorable!

  2. I LOVE it! "The person with the most fun wins!" I really really love it.

  3. Childrens logic is unmatched. More often than not, they can teach us a thing or two about life. This was great!!

  4. Corrie9:26 AM

    What a sweetie! I love it.

  5. Adorable! Glad you helped solve that one for her!


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