Here's the Deal...

A quick post before I'm off to a practice sprint tri this morning...

Wednesday night I was feeling all good, bad and ugly about my brick. I had a great ride and my best pace ever on my run. Again, not stellar by any stretch of the imagination, but relative to my level, awesome.

Later that evening, I sad down on the couch and something didn't feel right. I sat up and a pain in my lower back took my breath away. Ouch! It hurt so badly it kept me awake that night; I could not even roll over in bed without seeing stars.

I wasn't stupid; Thursday I rested. I didn't do anything.

Friday I had to do a 3 mile run and 45 minute swim. I got the first 2 miles of the run in, but the last half mile killed me. My back started acting up again. I wound up having to walk the last mile of the 3. What was worse was I could not walk more than 2.5 mph without holding on, or my back whipped at me!

I hit the hot tub for a while and sat right in front of the jet; it felt some better. I came home and stretched my back on the foam roller and it felt just a tad better. I woke up the next morning (Saturday) and it felt tight, but nothing like the day before. I stretched in the morning and night, but it's still there.

We had a company softball game on Saturday and I went. I ran the bases without issue... in fact, didn't even feel my back. On this day I overextended my knee on the run and it the ground with a straight leg... kinda knocked my knee out of whack! Dangit!!! It's a little sore... not terrible compared to my back! We won, by the way. :) Mommy hit a double and triple! Not bad for someone who hasn't swung a bat in, oh, almost 15 years I guess. :)

I'm going to whine for a minute here, because it pisses me off. And all of this is rhetorical -- I realize there are logical reasons, okay? No need to 'splain them to me, Ricky

I mean really... who takes tap, step aerobics and is totally active at 347 lbs. and doesn't have back or knee problems? Me! Why is it at my old weight I did things injury free. Now, when I am approaching my best in life, I get plagued by these kinds of injuries? I mean if they happened when I was heavier I would expect them now, you know? But I didn't then, so I'm like WTF now?!? It's maddening... especially when your biggest competitor is your self.


So I realize I'm older now. I train harder. It's bound to happen. I just hope it's something that just needs a visit to the chiropractor (which I'm going to do next week) and some daily PT. This is tri season, dammit -- and I'm just gettin' into it!


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