New Stuff

I am soooo excited.

I got a new pair of bike shoes and pedals.

These are my new and nifty Specialized Trivent shoes. I've read many reviews and they were nearly all positive. It's a great entry-level carbon tri shoe for ~ $160.00

I always rode with mountain bike pedals and shoes, because mountain bike shoes were so much easier to walk in. I wasn't happy with my last pair of mountain bike shoes; they just weren't right for my foot right. So I decided if I was going to have to buy shoes, I may as well get a triathlon biking specific shoe. I'm glad I did.

Getting these shoes meant I had to get new pedals too. I always worry about spending too much and not being happy, and that's easy to do with the cost of bike equipment. This, by far, was the most I've ever spent on a pair of athletic shoes of any kind, so I was a little nervous; and now I had to buy new pedals in order to use them.

In come my new Speedplay pedals. There are all different versions made of all different materials. I was immediately drawn to the Speedplay X2's, based on their reviews, but decided it was too rich for my pocketbook. I mean, the only way to know you like them, is to try them... I was concerned I'd hated them, I'd be stuck with them, or lose too much if I tried to sell them. Very unlikely from the reviews, but I had to think about that when dropping another $200 on equipment -- and that's cheap for pedals. So I wound up getting the Speedplay Light Cromo for a little over half the price. Same technology, but slightly heavier (like a few grams really matters with my fat-a$$!). In the end they are were the economically friendly choice, and even came in Pink and Red! And although tempted to go Red to match my bike, I just went with black.

My Husband/personal bike mechanic got them installed this morning and I hit the road with them. After just a few tries I was getting in and out of them like I've had them forever. I love the little bit of float they offer. I have a tendency to turn my feet slightly in from time-to-time and I'm glad they have the flexibility to do that, whether or not it's right or wrong, I don't know.

The biggest thing I noticed when using the shoes and pedals is my cadence! OMG!! It is so much faster without even trying really. Where before I was working to hang out around 83 to 85, I'm going 90 - 93 with very little additional work, if any. My 25 mile ride this morning had a great (for me) average at over 16 mph. I was beside myself every time I looked at the computer, because it used to be keeping my cadence 80 to 85 took some effort.

So far I'm happy with my purchase. :)

And I'm getting rid of a pair of Pearl iZumi Quest 2009 mountain bike shoes (black/silver/berry) worn maybe 3 dozen times? And some 2003 Time Mountain bike pedals. The cleats still work and have never failed me, but probably need replacing just because of age. The pedals work great still. Coco gets first crack at the MTB shoes, if she wants them. :)


  1. You will continue to love the shoes....Carbon Soles are awesome, I had plastic soled shoes for my first pair and carbon meant more pwer to the pedal and like you said, it makes a HUGE you build your gear you wonder how you survived without things.....I have never used Speedplay as I am on old Look Delta pedals which are hard to come by now..but speedplays certainly look impressive!

  2. Congrats on the new stuff! Like Buttsy said, it's a good feeling when you wonder "how did I ever live without this stuff?"

    I love my Speedplay pedals; they are so simple and functional. If they get hard to clip in or out, just put a little teflon based lubricant on your CLEATS. Also, you can buy "coffee shop" covers at your local shop so that you don't clog the cleats with gravel and dirt when walking.


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