Training and Randomness

It's Friday and ordinarily I'd be happy, except I have to work late on an infrastructure project tonight -- which kind of blows since I miss a cook-out with some friends who are visiting from Germany. Such is life in IT, I guess...

That said, I am going to take a longer lunch and go swim... which is sort of where I should be right now. I'll get there. LOL

Yesterday's run was so-so. I hit the road around 3:30; it was so freakin' hot, humid and difficult ot breathe. It was strange. I squeaked out a 13 minute pace for the 5K, but I could have done better. After yesterday no more running until the evening. There's no real reason to subject myself to it. Even at a sprint that started at 7am, I'd be running by around 9am or 10 am, or so. So no more early morning and evening runs for me in this heat and humidity.

I wanted to give a shout out to Kim over at Big Girl Big City for the post she shared about her G'ma. She made me recall mine, although the recollection of her is never far away. She's been gone more than 10 years now. Also thanks for the thoughtful comment on "living boldly". I like that phrase, and it is applicable.

I guess I am a bit emotionally soft this week, what between G'ma's and Babies... What are you guys doing to me? Getting bent over daycamp and social plans, I need a quick dose of Jillian Michaels (aka the "Whip Sister") to set my tough-butt straight. LOL I have to remember not to sweat the small stuff.

This morning was "Muffins with Mom" at Cass' daycare so I took her to school and we sat and had some muffins together in honor of mother's day. :) Pardon Mommy's appearance though... no makeup and hair tied back -- I was not planning on a photo op, only the pool! LOL Cass, on the other hand, had spring pictures today and was very proud of the dress that her Mimi and Pop Pop sent her. :)

As for the rest of the weekend, my hope is all goes smooth tonight and no work tomorrow. Cass has a playdate tomorrow afternoon. This weekend Darren and Cass were supposed to go to Alabama, but there was a change in plans. Since they were supposed to be gone I volunteered at the TriGril tri in Pearland. So I'll be there bodymarking and giving out finisher's towels. Yeah, I know it's Mother's Day and we should do something special, but in our house... with my Husband and Daughter, EVERYDAY is Mother's day. :) I don't need a "special day" for them to show/tell me they love me. I'm sure we'll do something... but nothing over the top.

The home repair folks finished our house and it is officially de-Iked. All the Ike repairs are complete! Whooohoo! Plus, as a bonus I got Cass' room painted... now all I have to do is the border, and that's the fun part -- pictures to come!


  1. Happy Mother's day Donna. I'm still in the struggle and I find solace and encouragement each time I read your blog. Hey, I eat expensive greek yogurt, because of you. Please continue to write, encourage and live boldly.


  2. Cass is adorable and even without makeup and hair pulled back, you both look beautiful together!


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