Frist, training... Today was brick training. I did a 9 mile ride and 2 mile run. Both were awesome! I averaged just of 16 mph on the ride and had a PR on my 2 mile run 23:08 -- that's an 11:34 pace. That means that in the last 6 weeks I've cut more than a minute of my pace time.

Screw what happened at the YMCA on Sunday -- I know I'm getting better. Don't know what happened that day -- guess my body was just not in the game.

I mentioned the back thing last week. It really has not gone away completely, so I finally when to see Dr. Taylor, a Chiropractor who specializes in sports medicine/injuries and training. She focuses on all things health and fitness, including promoting weightlifting and the Crossfit protocol for training. There are some crazy videos on her blog of folks doing some amazing things! In fact, yesterday, while I was there, one guy had jumped op on a 37" plyobox! No running start... just standing ther and jumped up!

Anyway, Darren has been seeing "Doc" for his shoulder, and hopefully will avoid surgery as a result; things are going well for him!

So the problem I am having is with the Sacroiliac Joint (aka "SI joint") . It is on the posterior side of my hip. I have one leg shorter than the other and it can create an imbalance, though I also read that collisions (like what I had a few weeks ago). Wonder if it could be a delayed onset? From orthopod, I found this:

The SI joint is one of the larger joints in the body. The surface of the joint is wavy and fits together similar to the way Legos® fit together. Very little motion occurs in the SI joint. The motion that does occur is a combination of sliding, tilting and rotation. The most the joint moves in sliding is probably only a couple of millimeters, and may tilt and rotate two or three degrees...

The SI joint hardly moves in adults....The older one gets, the more likely that the joint is completely ankylosed, a term that means the joint has become completely stiffened with no movement at all. It appears that the primary function of the joint is to be a shock absorber and to provide just enough motion and flexibility to lessen the stress on the pelvis and spine.

So, this information coupled with the imbalance in my legs (my right is shorter than my left) and my new running regiment probably annoyed my "sac". Hopefully some stretching, icing and proper training will help. I go back on Monday.

Also, Doc Taylor is certified in Acupunture. She is going to put together a protocol for me with regard to my Thyroid. She would like to figure out what is actually causing the Thyroid to malfunction, not just get it to function right. I like that way of thinking. We talked a bit about my bypass and she shared that she knew several post-ops who have Thyroid issues now. I mentioned that I thought there had to be a correlation... she said she's no research scientist, but based on what she's seen, she would be inclined to think so too. Anyway, we'll see how that goes. :)

As for today I have a 3 mile run on the schedule, then I'm off to take Cass to dance. :)

Tomorrow is a 45 minute swim, which I have to do at lunch because I have to work late on server stuff Friday night.

Saturday is my 5 mile run and Sunday is supposed to be a long bike ride, but I'm volunteering at the TriGril Triathlon in Pearland. I'll be bodymarking and giving out finisher's towels. :)


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