Today is Wednesday, and that means it's a Brick day. I enjoy brick day. :)

Today is also a "sim" day in that I will give max effort on my bike and run since the Silverlake Tri is on Sunday!

2 things of note this week, although not earth-shattering I should recognize for my own benefit. My 5 mile run this week was DEFINITELY better than the week before. My pace for the 5 for still >12, but the cool thing is I actually ran the first 2 miles. Probably shot my load for the remainder of the run, but the point is I feel myself getting better, and that's motivating to me, anyway.

I was behind in training (the 5 mile run and the 700 m swim) because of weekend work and just general lack of time. So got the 5 mile run in on my OFF training day, and yesterday I had a vacation day and took myself to the pool. I swam 2000m in about an hour. I did 4 x 500's, so it wasn't 2000 straight. The last 500 I did with breaths every 5 strokes. Another great improvement. I could only go every 3 or 4 strokes in the beginning. As long as I stay focused and calm, I can do the 5.

Also on Monday I was back at the chiropractor. The hip is improving, but still sore. It's not keeping me from anything, but I know it's there. Strangely it gets super sore at night while I sleep! Next week I'm going to start acupuncture for my thyroid and see if that does anything... never know. It would be awesome if I didn't need to take medicine!

I came upon another blog today called "The Athena & Clydesdale Closet". Looks like it's in its beginnings, but they're doing reviews of tri gear for the larger athlete -- kind of what I'm doing here, but in a more specific way. I'll keep it in my Google Reader and see how that works.

I haven't received my BAM! tri tank. Hopefully today, so I have time to try it out before Silverlake. Still searching for that garment that offers performance and worry-free fit.


  1. I find that when I have muscle or any other body aches happening - they get stiff overnight and the pain is worse until it's had time to get moving again for the day and stretch itself back out.

  2. I hope your hip starts feeling better soon!

    I would definitely say that your times are promising!! You are awesome!


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