2009 Freedom Tri Race Report

Overall in Age Group 40-44: 23 of 26 (25:32.5 back)
Overall Finish: 288 of 407
Time Back from 1st: 25:32.5
Total Time: 1:38:09.5

Rank: 16, Time: 7:40.9

Rank: 7, Time: 1:38.8

Rank: 19, Time: 44:11.1
MPH: 16.3

Rank: 15, Time; 1:18.0

Rank: 23, Time: 43:20.6
Pace: 14:27/M

Today was the 2009 Y Freedom Tri in Pearland. This event was different because the swim was in a 50 meter pool. I am not used to a 50 meter pool; I swim in a 25 meter regularly at 24 HF. I was surprised at how much longer it took me -- a full minute than in the 25 meter pool.

In any case, I visited the 50 m pool 3 or 4 times this past week to get used to it. I think it paid off. In the end I was only 20 seconds slower (instead of a full minute) than I reported when I registered. Your time is important because because they seed the start according to speed and you don't want to tick off faster swimmers because you're in front of them, bobbing, and then they have to pass you. I was pleased with my swim in the end. I even managed to pass a a few other swimmers -- that was kind of wild since I never pass anyone! LOL

I can't even explain how thick the air was today. It was so humid you just sweat standing there, doing nothing. Although, I did read somewhere that said the more quickly you sweat the more fit you are. Your body efficiently starts to cool you when it senses how hot it is. For whatever that's worth. Guess I should be happy I sweat quickly.

My bike was fine. It was a nice flat course. My goal was to keep my cadence up... but my cadence on my computer wasn't working! MPH was, so at least I had that and distance. LOL Not much wind on the way out and back except for the last couple miles in (of course).

Now the run. Bah! I was all happy after the bike because I was right there in the thick of it. There were plenty of bikes out still, so it appeared I was doing at least average -- I was stoked, thinking I might finally get my <90 minute goal! On the last couple minutes of the bike I took the time to spin a bit and came out of the seat to help find my run legs. Let's just say nothing helped. Typically I run 5 minutes, walk 1. Today I could not run more than 2 minutes! Although strangely by the end I think I was feeling a little better *shrug* I wasn't happy with how the run was going, but I tried to put the displeasure out of my mind; tried not to focus on how labored my breathing was. I guess what bothered me most was I have great training sessions and I feel hopeful that I'll do better than I actually do. Yes, I have fun. Tons of fun. And that's what's important. And really, who can be bummed out when the cutest little cheerleader in the world is waiting at the Finish with pom-poms... not to mention thee most supportive Hubster! Love you both!!

Things I've learned.
- Need that last snack 30 minutes before the race.
- Need more running... 'nuf said
- Consider making 5k at brick sessuibs SOP
- Need to remember flip-flops next time!
- Need to practice redirecting my focus (improve my mental game)

What I'm going to pat myself on the back for:
- Nice transitions
- Swim stroke is improving
- More power, more consistent full strokes on pedaling


  1. Corrie8:06 AM

    Oh, I was thinking about you this weekend when I was out in the heat. It was like trying to breathe through a wet towel, ugh. So glad the tri went well! And, as always, you ROCK!!

  2. Woooot! Congrats on the great finish!!! I swim in a 25m pool too, I can only imagine how long 50m would feel!

    Random question: did you wear you bike shorts for the run? If so, are they comfy enough? I'm thinking of just keeping them on to cut down on transition time, but I'm not sure if the padding will feel like a little much during the run (not to mention, funny looking!)

  3. Great job! I have my first try coming up in about a week and a half - I am so excited and nervous all at once!


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