Cassie and Wednesday Bricking

My little swimmer!

Cassie started her lessons last night with the swim coach who helped me refine my stroke before Lonestar last April. After spending 2 weeks of the hottest part of last summer sitting outside while she got all of maybe 15 minutes of time with the instructor in a group class, we decided to try the private approach. Chances are she'll need fewer lessons and will come further along.

I'll say!

I couldn't stay the whole class, but before I left, Suzy had her learning to glide through the water and going under for dive toys! As Cass' Mommy, I had a real hard time helping her go under. In fact, I found myself wincing the first time I watched Suzy do it! LOL Anyway, Cass is doing great with the swimming and loves it.

I headed out for my brick training... the temp in my car read 102 when I got out to begin at 6:30. I finished my bike, drank some ONE Coconut Water and headed out for my run. Breathing the hot air is always killer for me. Ugh!

I am glad to report that I had a PR last night... I did my first mile in 11:29 -- considering I was at about 14 in April, that's progress! My overall pace was under 12 for the 2 miles, so I was content. Even more happy that I saw my brick through, because quite honestly I was draggin' myself there... I was having "intesinal challeges" and I did not want to workout in the heat. As it appeared, nor did the majority of the club; there were only 3 of us there! LOL

Just a few more days until Y Freedom. Tonight I am planning on Swimming again in the 50m pool and may run after. I'll swim again on Friday and take OFF on Saturday to rest for Sunday.

As for my Thyroid stuff I'm noticing the retun of some symptoms. I go back to the Endo next week.


  1. Corrie9:28 AM

    I know I'm not yo momma, but BE CAREFUL in this heat!

    Just went to the endo on Monday... haven't gotten my numbers yet. I'm now totally off Cymbalta, so I'm really anxious to see how that affects everything else! Hope they can get you stabilized.

  2. Yay for the PR!! Boo for the thyroid stuff :( Sounds like you got a little fish on your hands too :)


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