From Lifehacker: BPM Analyzer Calculator!

Click the pic to take you to the Lifehacker blog to download!

I think this will be a useful tool. I'm noticing that I'm running faster when I don't have my iPod. I think I tend to run with the beat of the music, so if the music slows down, so do I. I am also certain that part of them stems from the fact that I am not yet a very accomplished runner. I do great to break a 12 minute/mile pace right now! It's all good though.

If you download it and try it, let me know what you thought of it!


  1. That looks pretty cool... might have to check it out over the weekend.

  2. I read an article once that said people ran faster with easy listening compared to heavy metal because the heavy rock got them wound up and they were more relaxed with easy listening...not sure about the BPM of either but it makes sense - good music you enjoy and keeps you relaxed so you can keep your arms and legs relaxed and then RUN FAST!


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