I Loved It! Moving Comfort Compression Running Shorts

Thanks to Misty over at the Athena Diaries, I have a new love! The Moving Comfort MCW Compression Running Short.

I have been a long-time fan of MC's sports bras; they are a less expensive alternative to the Enell and keep *things* in place just as well. The Maia is my favorite -- I swim, bike and run in them without any discomfort. I am still on the hunt for a good high impact racer-back bra for a D.

I ordered my shorts but was on the fence with regard to sizing. I call the folks up at Moving Comfort and they were nice and helpful. The customer service rep suggested the MCW version, when I told her my issues and how I am right on the tail end of regular sizes. So I went with their a "MCW" collection. I'm glad I did.

It was nice to know that the MCW version was exactly the same tech-wear, just sized for the fuller figure and 1/2" longer. I really appreciated that the fit wasn't just a larger size of the regular sized version. They took into account the areas plus women have extra curves -- a thoughtful design.

I have a ton of loose skin on my stomach above and below my waist, so compression shorts are a necessity for me when running. Today it's really difficult to find a woman's short that comes up high enough around the waist to keep everything still, so to speak, but the MCW did the job and stayed in place for the entire bike/run brick. I did not once have to pull them up and the legs stayed in place, and no tight elastic around the leg, leaving your leg looking like a stuffed pork loin all tied-up.

This running short does not have any padding in it (that's because it is a running short, not a bike short). Still, I was curious, and wore it for a 12 mile ride on my bike and I was fine. In fact, I liked them better than my DeSoto unisex tri shorts! Beginner riders might want to work up to no padding. Unless you're into that kind of thing.

For what it's worth, there's my 2 cents. Overall a great product that the plus sized athlete will feel comfortable wearing. Comfort = Confidence. Confidence = Improved Performance.


  1. For just cycling, you might want to try bib shorts. They help "hold things together" above your waist line. I've dropped almost 60 lbs. since I started cycling, so I understand what that means!

    I also know that I probably shouldn't discuss women's sport clothing... ;)


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