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<---- Is what you get when you cross an IT Manager with a triathlete. :) I just added this to the back of my car. LOL

So this weekend flew by... it always seems we need just 1 more day -- even me, the self-proclaimed "Domestic Goddess" didn't have the power to get everything done I wanted. I did, however, hit up spin class on Saturday. We climbed, and climbed... then climbed some more. After that, we climbed again. You get the picture. Right after that I headed to the pool that next weekend's tri is going to be in. This pool is 50 meters in length, so it kind of feels like you never reach the end! I also found out they are open for adult lap swims 3 nights a week, plus Saturday and Sunday. I think I found a nice alternative to swimming at 24 and getting my required dose of Vitamin D. :)

Sunday we remulched our front yard and planted some new trees. One would thik that with 38 miles of training for last week, you wouldn't think the gardening would leave me sore, right? My hamhocks (hamstrings)are screaming and it's day 2! Hopefully my swim tonight will losen them up! LOL

Oh! Almost forgot to share this! My many years of blogging about this and that finally paid off. Remember last week I mentioned that ONE Coconut Water? Well, lovely Lucy, their marketing manager contact me and thanked me with some free swag (some samples, towels, shirt, eco-friendly bag -- THANKS!!) She's been delightful to "tweep" with -- almost as delightful as a chilled glass of ONE Coconut water!

She was thrilled to learn that I heard of one through my "shero's" podcast... yeah, Jillian Michaels mentioned it, and the friendly folks as ONE didn't know about the unprompted promo! So, Lucy got hot on the trail to track her down... and is super close! Lucy has promised me a hook-up with Jillian someday! LOL I could be possible, right??? Lucy, don't forget about a Sistah's dream. LOL

Everything's connected, you know? You just have to put it out there to the universe.

"I would love to have Jillian Michaels, personally, kick my a$$"

There ya go universe!


  1. The Jillian Michaels thing would be awesome....although you might???!@! be a bit sore the next day......I would be so excited for you as we get TBL on TV here (both the aussie and US versions) and she is awesome.

    I met the Aussie trainer once at a family thing for womens health and I was very excited, but no training session.....You go GIRL

  2. I think I'm going to skip on the bracelets. Thanks though!


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