A Little Fun! 2009 Houston Police Department Midnight Classic Ride

So we can count on two hands how many times Darren and I have gone out since Cassie was born, let alone ride together! Cassie is 4 1/2 now and we tried out a babysitter last night!

We joined Elysha and Doug and did the Houston Police Department's Midnight Classic ride. They shut down Memorial Drive between downtown and the Aquairum and Shepherd to create a 5 miles loop. Between 10pm and Midnight you do the loop as many times as you want/can.

It was tons of fun. Next year we'll get there for 9pm, when they do the family ride, and bring the Cassinator. :)

Houston - sometimes it looks nice. :)

Elysha and "Husband" aka Doug

Not the most flattering of sides, but great numbers!

Elysha and I... Yuckin' it up.


  1. Looks fun! My Pop is retired HPD; if I ever get back to Houston, will definitely do that ride.

  2. that looks like fun! will have to look into it for next year!

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