Moving Comfort MCW!

So one of my favorites, Misty of "The Athena Diaries", made mention of Moving Comfort.

I've been a long time fan of their sports bras, especially the Maia and my new recent favorite, the Fiona. Both work well for all three sports and does not give me any chafing or uni-boob. Until I found these babies, I was going broke with E-nell. Don't get me wrong, the E-nell's are awesome but I hate the seam across the boob. Plus, you have sell a limb each time you want to buy one.

So, Misty mentioned MC's Compression Runner Shorts and how they are the only ones she buys now. Of course that speaks volumes to me, since I am always trying to find the right, comfortable fitting training gear.

So I visted MC's site, and I have no idea why I never noticed it before, but they have a whole plus-size section; it's called the MCW collection! You can imagine my surprise, since I sit right, smack-dab, in the middle of misses and plus, which makes it challenging to find the right fit!

I looked further and saw that they offered the compressesion short in the "MCW" sizing and they did. I figured it was too good to be true and that the technology wouldn't be the same, but I called Moving Comfort and they were fabulous and helpful! They told me the only difference in the sizes was the length. The MCW short comes in a 9" length the regular sizing comes in a 7.5" length. And they are reasonably priced at $32 to $38!

I love they way they respect their "plus" sizes too!

We love that active women come to us with unique sizing, support and shaping needs. Our MCW line is a natural passion for us, and one we’re proud of. We don’t simply up the size, but think about the specific tailoring and cut, and we always make the clothes with our signature high-performance fabrics and flattering design lines. A Fit Woman is a Powerful Woman!® Spread the word.

I'm spreading it!

So I have a pair of the MCW shorts coming as well as a top and will share what I find.


  1. That statement by them speaks volumes. For instance, I tried the Skirt Sports or whatever they are, and all they do is just take whatever they have and make it bigger. They don't realize that larger women do not have the same ratio in parts:parts as smaller women.

  2. anks, I have now got some new websites on my favorites to look at sports gear...I have been wearing a Berlei New-Legend sports bra for years and I have a heap of them which I buy when they are on special and the MCW site has some nice options which I will definately investigate further...Thanks


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