Over 20,000 Served

So a couple days ago I hit 20,000 hits on my blog. 20,000 is a nice number... not that it's signifies anything in particular, but it sounds like a lot. :) Thanks to the searches for "Folate", "What kind of bike should I buy?" "Pumpkin Pound Cake" and "Stuffed Pork", which significantly added to the total. LOL

Yesterday I managed to find some company to go swim out at Anders Lake. I know I've been putting in my pool time and I know I am becoming a better swimmer. That said, I left the lake feeling defeated. Less than accomplished. I beat myself up entirely too much. I just want to do better than my last open water swim. I also realize I have to be reasonable. The Danskin distance is twice what Silverlake was, and will be the longest distance I go this summer.

1 lap around the lake is 620 m, which I did. Then I took a break and did another 400 m (out and back to the first buoy). I did some back floating at about 500 m and finsihed out the 620. I took a 5 minute break and did another 400, which was super pitiful on the last 200 back.

The biggest challenge for me is remembering to breathe? Why is this so hard? I feel like it is second nature when I am in the pool, but the moment I get into open water I start holding my breath again. Muscles need oxygen in and out to work effectively!

Another more experienced swimmer suggested maybe I am claustrophobic? I don't think so. He said many folks get that way from swimming in murky open water, when you can't see anything in the water around you. Who knows?

But I do know I need more practice in the open water and that its the only thing that is going to make me better at it. After Danskin my next open water swim is the Clear Lake Int'l Tri... it's 400 m. I am determined to swim it well.

So today I am happy I made it through the 620, even though the last 200 were pretty tough. I'm also glad I didn't just finish the lap and go home. I had to swim 1,000 m on my schedule for yesterday, and left doing 1020... so I should enjoy a feeling of accomplishment from that.

I love the training and always enjoy race day. Hate the head games; this is where you can lose it all.


  1. You had 20,000 hits, not sure how you even know that statistic.....anyway you must be very happy knowing that you are inspiring people everywhere to throw on the gear and get into some exercise, have a goal and never give up......


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