Thoughts on This Weekend's Challenge

So this weekend brings everything full-circle for me in a way.

Back in 2003 me and my fellow tri-divas committed to doing the Danskin Tri. Not knowing what we were getting into, coupled with the fact that none of us really knew how to train properly (or maybe part of it was just good ol' fashioned fear) we chose to do the event as a relay. We figured, at the least, it would be a good learning experience and expose us to the world of triathlon. We vowed to go back one day and do the race as individuals. 2 of them did it last year in Chicago, but this year it is my turn to come full-circle.

We finished the 2003 event and indeed we were not the same women who started the race. We did feel stronger and capable of doing what some deem unthinkable. To us, at that time, we were on the "finishers high" and felt like we could do anything, but...

Life happens, change occurs... people move, mature, grow, get married, have babies. For me, I never gave up the thought of doing another tri individually. It just kind of got put on hold for a few years while satiated my desire for challenge with cycling. I did a super-sprint last Summer, and after that I knew I'd be doing more. The Danskin will be the 3rd sprint tri this season and will be the hardest with the lengthier swim and bike in the hills.

The Danksin, unlike the other tris, brings everything full circle for me. Going back and doing this event individually, but still with my tri-divas, means a lot to me. I don't know why exactly, but it just does.

Ef-it. I get e'mo over everything. I know. But whatever. It's my blog. :)

And while some might fuss and say, "What's the big deal?" "It's not like its an Ironman or even an Olympic distance Tri", it is still a challenge -- 3 sports in one day. And while it doesn't come with a title like "Ironman" and we can't "Dot the i" after we finish, You can't fake participation in a tri at any distance (Okay, unless maybe you're Mr/Ms Freaky-Superfit). You have to have put the effort in and break the sweat; swim, bike, run and repeat. Crossing the finish is the pay-off for every time I get up before the sun, so I can get to work early, so I can leave early to train AND have time with my family. I'm so lucky my family is supportive, otherwise none of it would be happening.

We move forward together, old and new tri-divas, and set out to achieve what some people only think about doing.

"Throw back the shoulders,
let the heart sing,
let the eyes flash,
let the mind be lifted up,
look upward and say to yourself...nothing is impossible!"


  1. I just have one response to anyone that would say "It's not the Ironman"... and that would be "Are you doing an Ironman?! I didn't think so... so stuff it!"

    Have a great time!

  2. Completing any event, especially a triathlon, is an accomplishment. Don't lose that joy!

    On a related note...the Austin Danskin is having a real tough time getting volunteers. Seeing a lot of tweets about it...

  3. Love this entry...and I got emo too! LOL

    I can't believe what started as a crazy idea with 3 friends turned into THIS! There's a lot of power in the event itself. We went out recruiting (passing out cups of the kool-aid haha) and now The Tri-Divas group has quadrupled. Of course, there are only 3 original Divas...and I am VERY proud of that. :)

  4. My desk calendar has the message:-

    "All accomplishment froms from daring to begin"

    I originally wanted to do a tri- but changed tack and now cycle and I look up to anyone that gets wet and runs and rides all in one day.......seriously I think it is fantastic and setting a goal and then crossing that finish line knowing "I did it" is worth more than most people that are on the sidelines can even imagine...cant wait for the race report.

  5. PS that should read
    "all accomplishment comes from daring to begin"


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