Training for this Week

This week plans to be crazy! Cassie has music camp and I have a significant email upgrade project beginning Friday night!

Running in Houston's humidity is killing me, but I am determined to get my mileage in this week!

SUN: (Yesterday) OFF
MON: Run 5
TUE: Swim 1,000 (drills) - Lower Body Weights
WED: Brick (Ride 12/Run 3
THU: Run 3 - Upper Body Weights
FRI: Swim 1,000 (nonstop)
SAT: Run 5 & Full Body Weights
SUN: Ride 30 miles

That's the plan... stay tuned for the execution :)

As for the scale... well, it's moving in a downward trend, so that makes me happy. Would still like to see me routinely fall below my lowest weight, but 2 or 3 lbs fluctuations up and down are to be expected until this hormone stuff gets corrected. I go back to the Endo on July 8th for blood draw, so we'll see where things are then. I just want to get regulated; I know it's a long process. I'm trying to be patient.

Next tri up is Y Freedom. It's a 300m swim, but in a 50m pool. That's something new for me. :)


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