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Everything should be as simple as Shelly's Summer Shrimp Salad!

Last night was the first night I trained with the local running group I joined on Saturday. What a fun bunch of folks! This is going to be good. I had to do some revamping of my tri training schedule, but it's all about trade offs at this point in the tri season. I don't think I'm going to get much faster than I already am (for this season) and I need... HAVE to get better with running, which will help me with everything else. And before you note, I'm not bashing myself... just being realistic! In order to that, I need to focus on it more! The coach helped me out some. Mon - Run (with Group) Tue - Run/Swim Wed - Bike/Run Brick Thu - Run (with Group) Fri - OFF Sat - Long Run (with Group)/ Swim Sun- Long Bike So really, the only training session I miss with the group is Tuesdays, where I'll run during my brick on Wednesday to make-up for it. All this, and I still get my OFF day, which is important. Just cause I'm here... here's the food for today: Break

Monday, Monday....

I had a nice ride yesterday with some fellow BAM'mers. We did the Olympic Distance tri route for Clear Lake in August; I'll be part of a relay team for this event. It's 24.6 miles. The route takes us over the Kemah bridge (aka the biggest "hill" in the area) and man, do I suck at hills. I mean, I'm slow and steady, and I get up there, but I think I'm attacking them all wrong. I need to research this. I'm always in too high or too low of a gear... I know during the MS 150 I'd have, what I call, "moments of greatness", but I rarely never seemed to be able to intentionally reproduce it. Does that make sense? Tonight will be the first time I get together with the running group. We have a 30 minute easy run on the schedule, plus some core/strength training. Breakfast Ezekiel Sprouted Grain English Muffin 2 T. LF Whipped Cream Cheese 2 Egg Whites 1 Egg AM Snack 2 T. Sunflower Seeds Lunch 1/2 Svg. Kashi Magherita Pizz 4 oz. Light Tuna 2 T


It's been a busy week at work. I've been getting out late and that has been interfering with my training. My allergies have been horrible too. Yuck My endo has up'd my medication, but just for every other day. This makes me super happy, because at least I know he's listening to me. My bloodwork revealed that I am technically in range, but on the low-end, so the fact that he up my meds tells me he wants to get me feeling well, not just in range. :) I've been going going to my Chiro who also does this thing with pressure points for treatment of my Thyroid. They are these little patches that have a teeny-tiny BB ball in them. You stick them to different points on your body and it's like having constant accupunture, without the puncture part (I can't remember what it is called). I'm on my third week of that, and my "rushing" episodes, where I can literally feel my Thyroid sputter, have subsided. I know it's not the medication, because I'v

Friday Fill-ins (Late Edition)

1. Really, losing a diamond-anything is not the end of the world. 2. Sitting here listening to the sound of rain falling, makes me yearn for Sunshine. 3. Mmmmmm, coffee tastes so good! 4. Sometimes putting others first, is okay... so long as you take care of YOU. 5. Nearly every sunset is breathtaking, really. (if you pay attention enough!) 6. Well, maybe there is chance I'll find it! 7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sushi with the family, tomorrow my plans include joining Bay Area Fit to help me with my r unning then family movie night. and Sunday, I will ride the oly distrance tri course!.

Food Journal

Breakfast 2 eggwhites/1 egg (boiled) ezekiel sprouted grain muffin 2 T. Lowfat whipped cream cheese half & half for coffee AM Snack 6 Mediterranean Apricots 1 T. Almond Butter Lunch Salad with lettuce, toms, imitation crab, low fat dressing Ezekiel spouted grain tortilla w/.75 oz. lowfat cheese Nectarine *okay... that lunch stuffed me!* Dinner Salad with Shrimp, Avocado, cucumbers, brown rice, toms and balsamic vinegar PM Snack Lowfat Cottage Cheese w/Pineapple 1290 Calories 38% GOOD carbs 30% GOOD fat 32% Protein Training Day today -- 3 mile run but and 1650 swim

Thursday Thirteen

1) I am joining Bay Area Fit to help me reach my marathon goals. :) 2) Work is kind of crazy these days... lots of little issues that are taking forever to workout. 3) I often wonder how my Daughter got to be so girly-girl, at almost 5 years old. 4) It's odd how running has exposed all my bodily imbalances! 5) Doc changed my Levoxyl meds. Now I'm doing 100 mg one day, then 88 the next. At least he's listening. My last blood work showed everything in range, but thyroid stuff was in the low end of normal. 6) I fixed one of my favorite necklaces today -- I'm happy. 7) I lost an earring yesterday. Sh*t! 8) I really have a hard time dealing with people who pretend to be technically competent, when they are not. 9) I recently learned that "club casual" attire is pretty much cocktail attire. 10) My boss is freakin' awesome. Period. 11) Still wondering if aerobars are right for me. Hmmmm. Going to get refit on my bike next Tuesday. 12)

Kinda Bummed

So I finally, thanks to Misty , found some apparel that I really, really adore. I almost don't want to share this info, because every plus-sized athlete might buy up the goods before I can stock up! I had gone to Moving Comfort's site this morning to check out the MCW line, their plus-size apparel. In some things I still need a 1x and their stuff fits perfect and performs well! Anyway I go out to their site and do a search for MCW and nothing... nada... zilch! I immediately clicked the contact us button and asked, "Where did MCW go? They quickly replied (so nice of them): "Thank you for your inquiry. We did not carryover the MCW product into our Fall 09 season, however, you can still find some of the MCW product through our retailers... We will not have a separate MCW line anymore, however, we will still be producing some styles in 1X and 2X sizes for Spring 2010..." Okay, I mean I see that they'll still carry stuff in my size, but "some&q

13.1 in 2010!

I am committed! Or, maybe, should be committed! :)

Friday Fill-ins

1. Rotisserie Chicken from the store and salad make a quick and easy dinner. 2. The Slow, Fat Triathlete and Triathlon Training for Dummies are the books I'm reading right now. (Sorta) 3. July brings back memories of the fireworks on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ. 4. I was able to register and get a spot for the Houston Half Marathon... it's a sign I am supposed to do it, that was obvious. :) 5. They say if you tell your dreams you will follow-through and achieve them . 6. A smart girl takes time to think it over. (but not over think it!) 7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to picking up my BFF at the airport and hanging out for the weekend , tomorrow my plans include another birthday for Cassie and a "girls day" with manis and pedis and Sunday, I want to get in my 5 mile run !

Thursday Thirteen

1. I love the smell of coffee in the morning. I love to drink it too. It is hard starting my day without it. :) 2. I'm on vacation (yesterday) today and tomorrow. 'nuf said. 3. Training in the heat has been super hard. I don't dodge it totally, because I know to get better in it, you have to train in it. Still sux, so I'll *and whomever is still reading) still listen to myself complain about it from time-to-time. 4. I'm actually psyched that I committed to doing the Houston Half Marathon. I do worry though I won't make registration -- will be setting my alarm to be online at 12:01 am to get a spot! 5. Just found out Rivercities has the a great tri. Supposedly the oldest and longest running. Run superbly and has the best swag ever. Hmm. 6. How do 3 people make so much laundry? 7. I love purses... nice leather purses. They don't necessarily have to be upscale designer... just nice leather. I'll be snagging a new one this weekend -- my best friend pi

"It's a Major Award!" - Race Report

What movie is that title from?!? So Jeff and Brede's Intergalactic Tri was in Katy, TX -- about an hour away from us. We had to get up super-early, which sucked, to get there. It is no secret that my family is totally supportiveof my tri-ing. They are awesome! Still, though, to ask them to be at every event is a lot, so they typically pick and choose which they will go to. For some reason, Cassie really wanted to go to this one and Daddy sorta did too. So, they joined me, Elysha and Doug for the fun. :) On Saturday Elysha and I picked up our race packets at Bike Sport in Houston. I was surprised, since I never heard of them before. But, evidently they bill themselves as the "original tri shop". Maybe so. I don't know. I will say that they were super helpful there! While I was there I was supposed to pickup a part for Darren so he could install a new crank on his bike and the guy offered to call him and talk with him; turned out he didn't need the pa

Friday Fill-ins

Because the Reb really wanted others to participate... and because I had thought about doing it before, but never did. :) 1. The last thing I ate was 2 egg whites/1 egg and an Ezekiel english muffin with organic cream cheeese 2. A new bicycle helmet is something I recently bought. (But they shipped the wrong one!) 3. When it rains, it makes me think all the things I cannot do because it is raining. 4. Cassie was the first person I talked to today. (at 4am, "Okay, climb in bed.") 5. Hugs are a necessity in life . 6. Back in the day I would wear elastic waist pants for extra comfort. (*cringe*) 7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a birthday party at a really cool pool that Cassie gets to go to , tomorrow my plans include d omestic goddessing, finishing up touches on Cass' room and race prep and Sunday, I want to do just a little bit better in this tri than I did in the last. :)


I have had a busy last few days. As a matter of fact, right now I should be drying my hair so I can run around town and pick-up some groceries and finish my errand-ing. This week's training was slow to start. The Tri was on Sunday. I was "off" on Monday. The weather didn't cooperate on Tuesday for my swim so that got trashed, since I was waiting to use the outdoor 50m pool. Ugh! Wrong call.. my bad. Wound up not doing anything. Yesterday morning I hit the road around 6:30 and ran 3.22 mile sin my neighborhood. It was warm, but not terribly humid right off. It quickly got hot after the sun came up, but I was pretty much done. Took me 38 minutes... now if I could only do that the swim and bike! I'll get there! After my run we had a great family (+1) day at Schlitterbahn Waterpark. We had a blast riding the Lazy River and the waves. We did go down the Thunder Tub -- I'll admit Mommy was a little nervous. It was so much fun we got season passes to

Taking Care of "The Girls"

Shock absorbers for the girls... active women friends need to see this !