I have had a busy last few days. As a matter of fact, right now I should be drying my hair so I can run around town and pick-up some groceries and finish my errand-ing.

This week's training was slow to start. The Tri was on Sunday. I was "off" on Monday. The weather didn't cooperate on Tuesday for my swim so that got trashed, since I was waiting to use the outdoor 50m pool. Ugh! Wrong call.. my bad. Wound up not doing anything.

Yesterday morning I hit the road around 6:30 and ran 3.22 mile sin my neighborhood. It was warm, but not terribly humid right off. It quickly got hot after the sun came up, but I was pretty much done. Took me 38 minutes... now if I could only do that the swim and bike! I'll get there!

After my run we had a great family (+1) day at Schlitterbahn Waterpark. We had a blast riding the Lazy River and the waves. We did go down the Thunder Tub -- I'll admit Mommy was a little nervous. It was so much fun we got season passes to go back!

This morning I headed out to the lake for a quick swim then bike. My 1 lap time (620 m) is getting better each time. today it was 16 something... not stellar, but still an imrpovement. Bike was okay... wasn't really feeling it today. It got hot pretty quickly, so that was no fun.

Right now I feel like I could just take a nap, but can't sit for long, othewise I will! We're headed out today to celebrate a friends birthday, then tomorrow we'll celebrate America's birthday with a BBQ at our house and a few friends. On Sunday I think we're going to have more water fun by way of boating -- I might even try to water ski!

As far as tri's, next one up is on the 12th. It's a pool tri. :)


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