It's been a busy week at work. I've been getting out late and that has been interfering with my training. My allergies have been horrible too. Yuck

My endo has up'd my medication, but just for every other day. This makes me super happy, because at least I know he's listening to me. My bloodwork revealed that I am technically in range, but on the low-end, so the fact that he up my meds tells me he wants to get me feeling well, not just in range. :)

I've been going going to my Chiro who also does this thing with pressure points for treatment of my Thyroid. They are these little patches that have a teeny-tiny BB ball in them. You stick them to different points on your body and it's like having constant accupunture, without the puncture part (I can't remember what it is called). I'm on my third week of that, and my "rushing" episodes, where I can literally feel my Thyroid sputter, have subsided. I know it's not the medication, because I've only taken the higher dose in the last week. So that's kind of cool to see!

So I am taking this marathon thing pretty seriously. Today I am going to join a local running group to help me with my training. Just 165 days until the Houston Half... I'm going to be ready, have fun, and do well. :)

I am still commited to doing the Clear Lake Tri, but I am doing it as a relay team. One of my training partner's is doing the run, I'm biking and my Daughter's swim teacher is doing the swim. It's an Olympic distance.

Bridgeland and Sweet and Twisted are approaching...


  1. Just found your blog. Congrats on signing up for the Houston Half. My daughter and i are getting ready to sign up for the San Antonio Rock and Roll Half. She's coming from California and i'm already in TX. Her vacation is approved....mine is still pending. I walked the Austin Half by myself in 2008. This time i want to run more of it. We should be able to run the first 5 - 6miles then run/walk the rest.

    Anyway was poking around your blog and wanted to say hi to a fellow runner! :) Jinx!

  2. HI Donna,

    I'am in San Angelo ,Tx . Hot , dry.....miserable this time of year. I live at the gym for my workouts but soooo tired of the treadmill. Looking forward to fall. Last year we had maybe a handful of days at or over 100 degrees this year we've had maybe a handful of days that were not over 100. Thankfully a few days ago we got some much needed rain a little over an inch and maybe more next week. Thats always good news around these parts. Thank you for following my blog! I blog about a little bit of everything, what ever is on my mind with a little diet and running thrown in mostly because its a very important part of creating this person i want to be. Jinx!

  3. I am very excited for you ruuning the Houston Half, I think it is fantastic and I am sure you will have your family there supporting you!....fantastic.......


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