Kinda Bummed

So I finally, thanks to Misty, found some apparel that I really, really adore. I almost don't want to share this info, because every plus-sized athlete might buy up the goods before I can stock up!

I had gone to Moving Comfort's site this morning to check out the MCW line, their plus-size apparel. In some things I still need a 1x and their stuff fits perfect and performs well! Anyway I go out to their site and do a search for MCW and nothing... nada... zilch!

I immediately clicked the contact us button and asked, "Where did MCW go? They quickly replied (so nice of them):

"Thank you for your inquiry. We did not carryover the MCW product into our Fall 09 season, however, you can still find some of the MCW product through our retailers...
We will not have a separate MCW line anymore, however, we will still be producing some styles in 1X and 2X sizes for Spring 2010..."

Okay, I mean I see that they'll still carry stuff in my size, but "some" styles, probably means nothing but black and white -- guess it's better than nothing. :(

Find your retailers and stock up girls... stock up.


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