Thursday Thirteen

1. I love the smell of coffee in the morning. I love to drink it too. It is hard starting my day without it. :)

2. I'm on vacation (yesterday) today and tomorrow. 'nuf said.

3. Training in the heat has been super hard. I don't dodge it totally, because I know to get better in it, you have to train in it. Still sux, so I'll *and whomever is still reading) still listen to myself complain about it from time-to-time.

4. I'm actually psyched that I committed to doing the Houston Half Marathon. I do worry though I won't make registration -- will be setting my alarm to be online at 12:01 am to get a spot!

5. Just found out Rivercities has the a great tri. Supposedly the oldest and longest running. Run superbly and has the best swag ever. Hmm.

6. How do 3 people make so much laundry?

7. I love purses... nice leather purses. They don't necessarily have to be upscale designer... just nice leather. I'll be snagging a new one this weekend -- my best friend picked it in Dallas! Now that's a true friend! Is it wrong to be excited over an accessory? LOL

8. Conversely, I also love knock-offs. LOL Gives me the opportunity to try a questionable style, at a fraction of the price, before taking the monetary plunge.

9. I started compiling a spreadsheet to help with considering my next car purchase. I have a year, or so, to contemplate. Looking at md-sized SUV's

10. I work to make a paycheck. Not to satisfy any passion I have for IT. If I didn't work for my boss or her company, I don't think I'd be in IT anymore.

11. There's never the right time to make a career change, but even taking a chance on the right, wrong-time is scary.

12. I hate Houston. Would prefer Dallas, Austin or NJ (yes, NJ!) over this place. :(

13. When I think about some of the bloggy-friends I've made on the Internet over the years, I wonder if it seems strange to others (the non-bloggy-others) that friendships can start that way? Not that it matters, just wonder. I've made some awesome bloggy friends, for who I'm really grateful to have at least virtually met!


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  1. Hey, I couldnt get your links to the Thursday 13 thing to work.....
    Agree totally with numbers 1,6,7, 11 and 13...and I bought my SUV last year a Honda it and my bike fits in the back

  2. Congratulations on deciding to challenge yourself with a Half Marathon. I think I've said this before here, but that's my goal for the year. I'm registered for the OBX Half and will start offically training next week. Good luck in securing your spot! You have inspired me to challenge myself with the goal of completing a Tri (or two, or three) next year!


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