Thursday Thirteen

1) I am joining Bay Area Fit to help me reach my marathon goals. :)

2) Work is kind of crazy these days... lots of little issues that are taking forever to workout.

3) I often wonder how my Daughter got to be so girly-girl, at almost 5 years old.

4) It's odd how running has exposed all my bodily imbalances!

5) Doc changed my Levoxyl meds. Now I'm doing 100 mg one day, then 88 the next. At least he's listening. My last blood work showed everything in range, but thyroid stuff was in the low end of normal.

6) I fixed one of my favorite necklaces today -- I'm happy.

7) I lost an earring yesterday. Sh*t!

8) I really have a hard time dealing with people who pretend to be technically competent, when they are not.

9) I recently learned that "club casual" attire is pretty much cocktail attire.

10) My boss is freakin' awesome. Period.

11) Still wondering if aerobars are right for me. Hmmmm. Going to get refit on my bike next Tuesday.

12) I haven't really cooked a good dinner in like 3 weeks... We've been eating right, but quick stuff.

13) Home baking gluten-free, wheat-free cookies are not worth the time and effort, and feel like sand in your mouth. LOL


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