5 Miler Fun Results

We had our mock race with my running group on Saturday. They refer to it as the 5 miler. It was a fun event, and of course the volunteers and coaches are always great cheerleaders and help you make it through.

At first I did not register for the event because it was the day before Bridgeland -- you know that whol rest-before-race-day thing, but I didn't want to get behind on mileage so I sucked it up and decided the larger loss would be to fall behind in my marathon mileage and I went ahead and did it.

Today, now that I finished Bridgeland, I only regret it a teensy-weensy bit. I'm not sure if it was the 5 Miler run or the drills from the swim clinic last night, but I did not feel as fresh as I normally do... will post more about the tri later.

So I kept with my 3/2 intervals the entire duration of the race. I think I finally found a pace I can maintain and grow from.

Distance: 5.09 miles
Time : 01:10:41
Average Pace: 13:52
Best Pace: 9:28

Maybe I'm one step cloer to finding my inner runner... maybe. :)


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