Catching UP!

I haven't been blogging much about training because it's been a super busy few weeks and trying to balance everything has been a challenge. When your 4 year old starts getting on you about not being home for "night-night time" or doesn't want you to exercise because "you're always exercising, Mommy." The guilt easily sets in.

Running: Joining Bay Area Fit has turned out to be a good thing for me. I'm glad I did it, even if it cost me some dollars. It's not getting the shorter runs in that's a problem, it's that LONG run I can find a million excuses to avoid. :)

Today was the "5 miler". It's a mock race where the runners go through the steps for registration and getting a race number, as well as a timed START and FINISH. I did the 5.08 in 1 hour and 10 minutes. I'll be interested in getting the official time today since I forgot to turn my Garmin off. Coach says in about 10 weeks, when we get the first cold snap, everyone will step up their speed; I can't freakin' wait!

Speaking of which I got a Garmin Forerunner 305 for just $129 at Best Buy!!! Darren found a "slick deal" on it and we had not seen it cheaper anywhere online or otherwise, so we jumped on it. Both of us are using it, it's been neat to use and review stats for progress.

Tomorrow is the Bridgeland Tri. I didn't rest today, but I think I'll be okay. If not, oh well. It's not like I'm breaking any records, but I didn't want to get too behind on my mileage. If I can make it through August, I will get some relief. Somehow I wound up with 3 tri's in one month.

Swimming: I've been getting better... not much more I can say about that. I made it about 650 meters in open water at our local lake in 18 minutes - the first time I went out there it took me 26 and lots of resting on my back. :) Tonight I have a swim clinic, where they'll video my stroke and give me feedback. They're supposed to take it easy on us BAM'mers with the drills since some of are tri'ing tomorrow.

Biking: It's all good there. Average speed is around 16 mph still. Been doing my long rides on Sunday -- last Sunday was a total mess though. A bonked rider (not me) to chaperon after just 6 miles, then 2 flats (for me!) and not enough C02 and a side-wall tire slit (also me!) . It was quite a ride.

Tri's: I have Bridgeland, Clear Lake and Sweet and Twisted this month.


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