Review: Moving Comfort MCW Fitness Tank

First, I want you to know that when I post reviews, it is on product I have decided to buy. No one has provided me with free product (though it would be nice!), so you can be assured my review is objective and I am not under any pressure to write one way or another about a product.

I share because I know how difficult it is to find plus sized sports apparel, and remember how it was 100 times harder when I was a size 24. Heaven forbid it needs to be real technical apparel for a specific sport, then you're doomed to the inconsistency in sizing between manufacturers, spending a mint in shipping items back for return or burning a tank of gas making that trek across town because they have something that *might* work.

Seriously, I start feeling manufacturers think anyone a size 14+ does not exercise or take on super challenges like triathlons and marathon or long distance cycling.

Dear Manufacturers, I'm here to tell you, some of us do move beyond our couches and jaunts to run errands!

This is my first year of really training for running. At first I was running in short spurts and during brick runs would just run in my bike jersey. Not the most comfortable, but there is not a ton of generously sized Athena sports apparel, which is why I was thrilled to find that Moving Comfort carried their MCW (Moving Comfort Women) line for the plus-sized woman, but then really saddened to find out they'd be discontinuing much of it, but might be keeping certain items in 1X. We really won't know until the Spring

But let me get to the point. I tried the MCW Fitness Tank, specifically for my running endeavors. Typically I can wear many of the XL's in regular workout tanks, but the regular sized Moving Comfort XL was super small on me (I wear a 16). I had to go with the 1X, which to me fits very full. Personally I'd like it a little more form fitting, but I can appreciate a garment that is not clingy and it is purposeful and works.

I do not experience any chafing from the tank, and there is plenty of arm room for freedom of movement. This is the fist top I bought that claims to wick moisture away from the skin, that really does what it says. I've bought from many different manufacturers and they all say they wick, but they don't seem to keep me dry... unless I just saturate them! LOL Anyway, this tank does a phenomenal job of wicking moisture. I stay cool and comfortable (if that's even possible in Houston's humidity) and it helps make my workout just a bit more bearable.

So far I've been pleased with every Moving Comfort purchase I've made. I love their compression shorts too. I've already gone and purchased some knickers for Fall/Winter running while they still carry the extended sizes. There are some retailers on the Internet who still sell the MCW line, so you can still buy some pieces in 1x through 3x. If you're a 1x'r you might still be lucky to find at least a few things from Moving Comfort in the Spring. We can only hope.

I hate to share my MCW/retailer source with you, but I will anyway -- because these people were super nice and were great to do business with. Just don't buy all the stuff up1 :)
I'll be waiting, patiently as the customer service rep explained that while they were going to be eliminating the MCW line, they would offer certain styles in 1x... and that's all I need! :)

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate this item a 9, and only because it's just a smidge too full for me, but that's because I'm smack-dab in the middle of Misses and Plus. It is functional, purposeful and comfortable. Everything a good running top should be!


PS: If any retailers are unsure as to the demand for Athena/Clydesdale technical apparel, checkout the Athena/Clydesdale board on, just for starters. My feeling is that companies who are offering extended sizing, don't publish/advertise it enough. For instance, I had been wearing MC sports bras for over a year and never knew they offered the MCW line, until I read it in Misty's blog. I'm sure there are other business challenges/cost issues that come with offering to a smaller population, but it would be sooo appreciated and eventually some of these Athena/Clydesdales won't be any longer and when they have to buy new apparel, where do you think loyalties will sit? For me it's a no-brainer. :)


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  2. It is looking good and it would be comport as you mention in your post


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