Last night the thermometer in my car actually read 89 degrees! It was amazing to see that at 7pm -- so I was psyched for my run! LOL -- psyched and run in the same sentence... that's a head-shaker for sure!

I met up with my running club for a 40 minute "easy" run. I was doing pretty well until I needed a potty break. :) No matter though definitely would have hit a full 5K without the stop and I'm good with that. My average pace was fin--I think I need to try to run more, I think. I might go to 4/1 intervals in a couple weeks.

Today will be my first day of actual "hill" training, where we run over the Kemah bridge. I'm not exactly looking forward to it, but I know it will make me stronger and I will do it without complaint.

Thursday night will be my first night for a "tempo" run. I've never done that before either, but again it will make me a better runner. Basically you run a 1/3 of your time at your desired marathon pace. I've yet to determine what that pace is for me though. Everyone says you have to pick one and set a goal, but I feel like it puts pressure on me; I don't know. Suppose it's just another siutation where it is mental over the physical. I will pick one though; probably around a 12:30 pace.

TOTALLY missed my acupunture appointment (for my thyroid) yesterday because I was only thinking about picking up my Daughter from her first day of Kindergarten and finding out from her teacher how her first day went. :-/


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