Thursday Thirtee: Foodilicious

And for this week, 13 things about nutrition (in my world):

1) Trying to avoid Soy and Peanuts for my thyroid is really challenging. It's like a kid trying to avoid HFCS in treats.

2) Trying to switch to organic Dairy and veggies, as possible. This, too, is supposed to help my thyroid via my body's biochemistry. Been reading "Master Your Metabolism" in an effort to be kind to my Thyroid and have it play nice with me.

3) 3 nutritionally *valuable* foods I can't go without: Fage Yogurt, Ezekiel English Muffins and in-season fruit

4) 3 nutritionally *cheap* foods I think about: ice cream, candy corn and those right out of the oven, really-bad-for-you, muffins that I pass in the grocery store every weekend. They really do call my name, but I ignore them.

5) I've been on a salad entree kick lately with the California Roll Salad, the Mexican Crab salad and the Avocado and Grape Tomato Salad. Too bad for Hubs, most have Cucumbers in them, which he loathes. I really do feel bad, but a girl's gotta eat what she craves and for some reason cucumbers, in season, are "it" right now.

6) One of my favorite "dips": PB2, Yogurt, Agave nectar (or your favorite sweetener) and Vanilla with Sliced Apples. Have to substitue my PB2 for Almond butter now to avoid the Peanuts. :(

7) One of my favorite snacks: Apples and reduced fat cheese, Turkish (dried) apricots stuffed with almond butter are good too! Speaking of snacks, just found Kind bars. Higher in (good) fat, and all natural -- another great training snack, I think. Cranberry Almond and Mango Macadamia are my faves (no peanuts and no soy).

8) I am mostly a creature of habit when eating, especially breakfast and lunch (I eat breakfast every day). Dinner, I often wing it.

9) When I have plenty of time to cook I like to try new "healthy" things. I found a recipe for Flourless Brownies on Whole Foods' blog. Interestingly enough they use black beans in them (strange, I know). I might try making them this weekend, but substituting a couple other things -- maybe they'll fall under the "I made it!" tag on a future entry. :)

10) I think I need to focus on better nutrition during training and tris. I need to get a better understanding of the fundamentals in order to create and focus on some goals. This is particularly important if when I want to do my first olympic distance next April at Lonestar.

11) I'm trying to eat fish twice a week, but it's not really happening, but I've been good about taking my CorOmega. Getting my vitamins happens on most days, but I admit I slip some days, and that should not happen at all.

12) I'm opting to give out activity books to the kids at my Daughter's birthday instead of candy -- does that make me unhip? Will it make Cassie uncool?? Not that it matters, really, I'm the Mom and what I say goes. :)

13) Totally random: Brussel sprouts taste better roasted in garlic and olive oil than they do steamed with butter. If you don't like brussel sprouts and you've never tried them roasted, then try them. Unfortunately, brussle sprouts are not thyroid-friendly either, I think.


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  1. Corrie8:44 AM

    Thyroid stuff is so bloody confusing... I'm about to start on a weight loss challenge at work, and it's like I don't know how to eat anymore! Lower carbs? Higher protein? More good fats? Lean Pockets and string cheese? Gah.


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