Thursday Thirteen - Musical Late Edition

And for this week, 13 songs that get me through running and *mean* something to me. :)

1) Fighter - Christina Aguilara

2) Soar - Christina Aguilara .

3) I'm a Survivor - Destiny's Child

4) Stronger - Brittany Spears

5) If Today Was Your Last Day - Nickleback

6) It's my Life - Bon Jovi.

7) Right Now - Van Halen

8) You Gotta Want It (when I want to get my 80's on) - Roberta Gold

9) I Am the Greatest - R. Kelly

10) The Climb - Miley Cyrus (I know... don't say it!).

11) Brave - Nicole Nordeman

12) (I ain't) Settlin' - Sugarland

13) This is Your Life - Switchfoot


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