Thursday Thirteen - What Annoys Me Edition

And for this week, 13 things that get to me:

1) Being late. I just hate it. Others can be a little late, but when they're lots late, that really annoys me. If I can recognize your time is valuable and be on time, so should you. :)

2) Losing balance. I can lose balance of everything and when I do it's easy to get crabby and stressed about it. It is an effort for me to remember the big picture and not be so worried about getting to everything, or letting something slide without feeling guilty.

3) Know-it-alls. I hate when people tell you, "I know", when you know damn well they didn't know until the 2.6 seconds before when you initially informed them. Why is it so wrong not to know something? When did not knowing something make someone less?

4) Sappy songs and commercials. Yes, they get to me. Ever since I was a kid, they get to me. I could not listen to the theme from "Lassie" without crying (we had a Collie). I see it in my Daughter already. She'll get sad watching a Disney movie, but doesn't quite understand the "why" because she doesn't fully understand some of the dynamics. It's so sweet and innocent.

5) Being short on tools in my bike tool bag. I should never take for granted I am fully prepared without checking. It's just stupid. Period.

6) Food that bills itself as "healthy" that is anything but!

7) It bugs me that supermarkets on the other not-so-nice side of town don't get a good selection of healthy choices of foods. It struck me the other day when I could not find one whole or organic healthy choice in the frozen food section of the store. Don't these families deserve the opportunity to make healthy choices too?

8) When my technology doesn't effin' work. Like when I'm trying to synch my iPod right before leaving for my run. Ugh!

9) When it is 78 degrees outside, but feels like 108 because of the humidity.

10) Facebook applications; never know what is safe to accept.

11) That manufacturers don't believe plus-size athletes are worth the investment.

12) That I don't get enough vacation time to get back to NJ more often.

13) This is petty... LOL The iced drink lids at Starbucks suck!


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