Thursday Thirteen!

13 things I'll do while Mom and the neices are visiting from NJ:

  1. Pick them up, on time, from the airport. I hate waiting, why should I make them wait?
  2. I will get my long run in, regardless of their visit on Saturday morning (5 1/2 miles) and a long swim on Sunday (1.5 miles)
  3. My Duaghter's birthday party is on Saturday. We will have a great time at the gymnastics place -- even if it is crazy with 27 kids! (more boys than girls, incidentally)
  4. Schlitterbahn Water Park - 'nuf said. That's for our Sunday fun
  5. I will try to keep in mind that my Mom is who she is and that she won't change. The choices she makes has nothing to do with me. I can only accept her as-is and love her (which I do!) and hope that she "gets it" someday.
  6. There will be some grilling-out this weekend. YUM!
  7. There will be pool-fun.
  8. I will be patient with my nieces, and try not to ring their necks when they get all "whack"
  9. Immediately upon departure of my "guests", I will have to begin the re-programming of my Daughter. "No, you cannot stay up until midnight." "No, you may not talk to me that way." "Where are your manners?" "What's with the whining?", "Why all the screaming?"
  10. There will be hugs and comfort when the cousins leave; Cass will miss them and all the fun they had together.
  11. I will have to explain, again, how we can't just hop and plane to NJ whenever we decide/want to. That's why we have the "web cam".
  12. I'll want to talk to my Mom about her health -- or lack of proactive care. She's getting older; she needs to get to a doctor for a physical. She just won't.
  13. I'll want to talk to my Mom (again) about her smoking, but probably won't. I genuinely believe she tries (kinda like I did, dieting when I was a kid), so I feel hypocricitical -- that said, it is her health, damnit!


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  1. :)

    very moving!

    great T-13

    Click here to go to my 13 Essence of Libra.

    13 goodness about me.


    Click here to go to 13 Negatives about me.

  2. Ah, the ups and downs of a family visit - the good, the bad and the ugly, lol.

    If you run out of ideas for the kids try my TT this week: Thirteen Fun Sites for Totally Wasting Time

    Have a great visit!

  3. Nice entry for the T13...mine is about phone etiquette...

  4. I here you about having to reproram kids. I'm getting a taste of that getting my girls ready for the school schedule lol Great list. Happy t13!

  5. Looks like you will be having a very busy weekend. Wishing your daughter a scent-sational birthday! Enjoy the time with family!


  6. you have a lot on your plate for the weekend!!

  7. Hello,Donna, I am new here.. I like to join this Thrusday Thirteen..


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