Weekend Wrap-up

Family arrived on Thursday and I've been going non-stop since. Seems like being at work is the time I get a break. Don't mistake me, I enjoy the time with them, I just think the irony is funny.

Saturday was Cass' Birthday party at the local gymnastics place and it was a hit. A great time was had by all and I even snuk in a few bounces on the trampoline. Would have *played* more, but the coaches were giving me that "no-no" look. After the party we hit the pool for a while. Everyone was zonked by the end of the day.

I had every excuse lined up to avoid my 5 mile run on Saturday morning, but went anyway. When I arrived the running group cancelled the run because of the dramatic lightening storm going on. Thankfully a friend from my tri group who also runs with the running group, invited me to her house to the run in. If she hadn't invited me, it would have been too easy to let it go for the day.

The run was great and running with her (or a little behind her after a couple miles) made the time go fast. At the end I was pleased. My last mock 5 mile race I ran at 1:10. I ran my 5 miles on Saturday at 1:04 or 12:49 pace (great for me!); I'm guessing it was the more comfortable weather making it easier to breathe. An improvement, or small victory, to say the least. :)

On Sunday we hit Schlitterbahn, and I didn't feel badly about not going out the exercise specifically. I walked around the lazy river and climbed many flights of steps up the water amusements. We finished the night with a quick cookout and collapsed on the couch!

I have a 40 minute easy run for today.
Hill training on Tuesday.
Bike/run/Bike brick on Wendesday - in prep for the Du
Run tempo on Thursday
Off On Friday
6 mile run Saturday
Long Bike on Sunday


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