Last Night's Run

Last night's run was supposed to be tempo intervals for 35 minutes. I was actually looking forward to it, even though I was totally fatigued in the afternoon. The weather has been less humid and it is much easier to see your progress. I like progress. :)

After a cat-nap while the Barbie Pegasus movie was on, I left when Daddy got home. The warm-up was fine. I started running and at about the 1/2 mile mark I started getting that rushing in my chest. I hate calling it palpatations, but that's what they are. To me they feel like that anxiety feeling you get when you have a near-miss to what could have been a fatal accident.

Anway, this has happened many times before (once on an open water swim when I was out 300+ yards). I just try to relax and it generally passes. When I'm in the water I just float on my back until it's over. Last night's episode lasted 12 minutes -- the longest episode ever. I stopped for a couple minutes and tried to just walk at a fast pace. I still wasn't coming down and my HR recovery time is pretty short. It seemed I couldn't walk slow enough! I made it back to the area where we regroup and just sat down and cried. I didn't wale, but I was weepy with frustration. There are so many things I want to do and this Thyroid BS plays a part in so much of it, that until we are at least close to regulating it, I can't even begin to think about some of those things.

I know I've read what a long process it is to get regualted, but I did think that 5 months would bring me much closer than it has. I do trust my Doc, so I just have to hang in there.

Anyway, I stayed and stretched and did core. After we were done I was feeling better, so I felt like I had to redeem myself and finished my run. I was absolutely fine. Go figure.


  1. Are you wearing a HR monitor when the palpitations start. A friend of ours gets them and his HR becomes erratic and changes from say 120 to 167 to 180 to 140bpm etc, one day I was at work (paramedic) and we went to watch him race and it happened and so we put him straight on a heart monitor and he was in a rhythm called atrial fibrillation which with rest reverted back to a normal rhythm. Basically you should be getting a specialist to check you. The only way to really diagnose it is to catch it when it happens, if you are throwing a strange heart rhythm you need to find out what it is. Our friend still rides and races, just has to be careful and slow down when it happens, the rhtyhtm is not life threatening but he is being managed by a specialist and can still do everything he did before he was diagnosed......anyway if you do experience unusual heart rhythms, even though you may have another underlying cause, I would still get it checked out.

  2. A lot of people live life to the full with all weird and wonderful heart rhythms. I have a really low resting HR (due to family trait) and some doctors look at me weird when they take a HR from me which is often below 40bpm but I feel fine.

  3. I have a strange electrical pattern too, which caused me to go through a long string of tests only ro be pronounce normal and cleared to do anything.

    In your case, I think the problem may be brought on by subliminal brain poisoning from the Barbie Pegasus movie (seen it!).


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