Like the Wind

As a girl in the 80's I loved Patrick Swayze, as much as the next teen. As a girl in the 80's who grew up in a dance studio, Patrick Swayze was first introduced to me because of his dancing, and not necessarily his "hunk-dom" :)

He had quite a life; growing up right here in Houston, playing sports, football track and then training in classical ballet? Doing that here in Houston is probably more challenging than in NYC. An accomplished dancer to movie hunk. :)

I can't even count how many times, that as a teen, I watched Dirty Dancing (maybe more than 16 Candles) and wished I could have been "Baby" for just a few seconds. Which few seconds? Makes no matter! :)

I'm sad that he's lost the tough fight with Pancreatic Cancer; what a strong fight it was.

There's that C-word again. I just hate it. Another reason to join the cause and help the fight to LiveSTRONG.

You're like the wind now Patrick -- peace to you and your family


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