Review: Halo Headband

First, I'd like to share a small victory: You know that Kemah Bridge I somewat dread riding my bike over? Well, last night was my first run over it! And what's more, is that it really wasn't bad. I mean, it was work, but in a strange way it was pretty fun; especially the downside. I managed to keep my average pace, but only because It seemed so much easier to go faster on the downside. It was nice to feel what it was like to run a 10:30 pace for more than a minute. LOL I did 2.88 miles in 39 minutes, for a 13:49 pace with 2 times over the bridge. I had to stop to do a fast walk on the way up both times, for about a minute, but that just gives me something specific to improve upon. Needless to say there was lots of sweat going on, which brings me to this...

One of my co-workers is a big squash/tennis player and we talk athletics frequently. We got to talking about how I like visors with sunprotection AND headband technology, but it's not always easy to find a visor with both. Then she told me about the Halo products.

She she surprised me at work yesterday by purchasing the Halo 1 (tie version) for me, so I could try it. I was a little unsure about it, as I am reminded of the whole 80's "Let's get Physical" look when it comes to headbands, but sweat and sunscreen in my eyes does not feel good -- so anything to prevent it from happening is worthwhile, even if it means I have to get my "Mr. Miagi" on. :)

Essentially, it is a headband that has a thin water-tight seal (that yellow line) on the inside (they call it Sweat Block Technology). The seal channels sweat to the sides of your face, avoiding your eyes, even when it becomes saturated.

The headband is made from what they call a "Dryline Fabric" which evaporates mosture to keep you dry. They say it is lightweight (it is) and it definitely feels like a quality product -- so I don't think repetitive washing would be an issue, but I'll report on that later after a few washings.

The headband also features a "VisaEndurance" fabric, which is fabric embedded by "silver ions" (probably some space-age technology LOL) that is supposed to prevent the growth of bacteria, which ultimately creates the smell. Uh, I'm going to trust that it works without specific testing, though when I tossed it in the laundry room last night, it did not reak like the rest of me! LOL

Bottom Line:
It works. I loved it and I will continue to wear it. Not one drop of sweat in my eyes. Also, even as the headband soaked up the sweat, it didn't feel heavy, like what happens with some other products I've tried. Even soaked with sweat it stayed in place securly and did not release excess sweat into my eyes. It was comfortable, but I did have to adjust it -- I tied it too tight at first, and really doesn't need to be very tight at all.

At $12.95 a pop, if you train multiple days and only do laundry once a week, you'll need more than one.

What I'd like to see?
I'd love to see the Halo headbands offered in other colors, perhaps something more reflective, for outside sports when you are training on the road. It's marathon season here in Houston and every bit of reflective technology you can wear helps you be seen.
Also, very cool:
Halo offers the same technology in several other designs in headbands, visors, hats and skull caps.


  1. Thank you Donna i will definately be looking for Halo products....I always get sweat and sunscreen in my eyes and man does it burn! I usually pull up my shirt and wipe my face with it every so often but that also means juggling my glasses while still moving. LOL! Hubs suggests a headband but i'm also reminded of the 80's 'Lets get Physical' time frame. Hey! I wore headbands then too and thought they were cool. LOL! But i don't see anybody else wearing headbands so i'm kind of hesistant. I do wear a visor on sunny days thought and may have to look into that Halo visor. Thank you for all your comments and support on my blog. It is always, ALWAYS appreciated! Jinx!

  2. hm, haven't seen these but will need to look for it! thanks!

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