No Speedplay

So last night's speedwork never happened. I apparently went to the wrong location. When I got there it was all the aweseome superfast folks. Kudos for me going, because it was raining. But I don't know why I couldn't get out of the car and run with them.

Well, I mean I know why... but why couldn't I get past it? I just felt so self-conscious. If my B2 group was there, I woud have had no problem and would have enjoyed the extra oxygen the rain brings with it.

I'm sitting there, looking around and no teammates. I waited 40 minutes, then decided I'd use the time to go watch my Daughter in her gymnastics class, which I normally miss, because I'm running. On the way there my friend called,

Hombre: "Where are you?"
Me: "I just left the high school."
Hombre: "Which school?"
Me: "Clear Lake."
Hombre: "B is over here at Clear Creek with 2 others."

Me: "Doh!"

That explains why only the superfast were there. LOL Everything is named after some kind of body of water around here -- and I'll have you know, none of it is "clear."

I swear I never saw anything posted anywhere about training at this location, but it wouldn't surprise me if I missed it.

Today the rain has got to hold out. I need to brick badly. I have 18 days until the run/bike/run Du and I haven't bricked in probably 6 weeks? Wonder how many bricks I could actually fit in between now and then. LOL

Nothing else going on really.


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