Talk to the Doc: Thyroid Stuff

Okay, so yesterday was another follow-up with my Endo. We're still trying to get my Thyroid stuff regulated. I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating it is.

I know. I read all the books that tell you it's a long drawn-out process, getting the meds right. But seriously... you can only let the fact that you're eating 1200 - 1400 calories a day, trained for 8 triathlons and are currently training for a half marathon and am staying exactly the same weight.

Yeah, it's true. The doctor pointed that out yesterday. Not like I didn't know this already.

So, what we do know is:
.125 of Levoxyl is too much. Makes me "hypERthyroid", but I lose weight! LOL
.100 of Levoxyl is still too much
.88 of Levoxyl is not enough. Palpatations and fatigue reccur routinely.

Alternating days of .100 and .88 doesn't releive the general bloat, fatique or bring back my sex drive (sorry, keepin' it real), though the palpatations are far less (that is until last night when I had a 12 minute episode); usually they're like 2 to 4 minutes. I am still not able to shed pounds -- this part really is freaky, because at some point, shouldn't your body just cave and shed? Also, my periods are totally irregular again. Ugh!

When I walked in to the office I was feeling hopeless. There is no dose between .100 and .88. Dr. B assured me I "have not seen anything yet" and that he has "plenty of tricks" up his sleeve. So on to the blood suckers he sent me and I gave another vile. I go back in 4 weeks. I'm sure between now and the next couple days I'll hear from his office and they'll have a new perscription for me.

I've eliminated the following from my diet:
Broccoli, cabbage and like.
I go organic whenever possible

I've added (in addition to my regular vitamin regime):
Selenium & Magnesium- to support thyroid function
Sunflower Seeds
Iodine (table salt) Iodine is required for hormone conversion

Maybe we'll know some more in 4 weeks. *sigh*


  1. I'm sure someone's mentioned this before, but have you tried eating significantly more calories? I had a stall when I started swimming 6 hours a week, and it only ended after I added about 400 calories and increased my carbs to about 80 grams a day. I am 6 months post RNY.

  2. Isabelle10:02 AM

    One of the best ways to take care of your thyroid is to eat right. Home cooked meals rich in fruits and vegetables are recommended. Don't forget bovine thyroid , it is very effective.


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