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Can't think of a title today...

Saturday morning was my longest run ever. I have never, in my entire life, run more than 5 miles. My long run was 6 miles! I'm half-way to my half-marathon! My first distance PR :)

I returned to my original 4/1 intervals (I had slid back to 3/2 at the beginning of my training) and pretty much held them up the entire run. There were 2 cycles, somewhere around mile 4 that I walked 2 minutes and ran 4, but outside of that I was just steady with the 4/1. Although it was still work, I felt pretty good. My 6 mile pace was 13:45.

There is always one other woman just a clip ahead of me at our practice runs. I have to admit that I got a little happy when I found myself passing her in the last 1.5 miles. She's always just a smidgen ahead... maybe she was just having a bad day, but regardless I was having a good day.

On Sunday I volunteered at a triathlon out in the Freeport/Lake Jackson area. A few of us met at 3:45 am to head out there to help get things setup. It was a nice venue, and as usual I wondered, "I didn't sign up for this one, why?" LOL

I got a little weepy at the tri when waiting to start the awards they asked us to go outside. This guy Bill, a 70 year old triathlete, had been in treatment for Cancer for the last 8 or 9 months. It took him more than 3 hours to finish the course, but he finished. Everyone went outside to watch him come in and cheer him on. Just seeing him carrying his tired body across that line reminded me of how much I have to be thankful for. He is just amazing.

Also at the tri, I did get to meet one of my Blog readers and her family (who are all tri-ing now!). I was really touched when she said she was doing the tri's because of finding my blog! It made sharing all my Blog BS worth while. Because seriously that's my reason for doing it! I want to let folks know that, if I can do it, anyone can -- you just need to believe you can! Incidently She took 5th in her class and her daughter took 1st in her age group!

Today my running group opt'd to complete our run early morning (instead of our normal evening run), so at 6 am we met to do our 35 minute easy run. I kept a good pace, in spite of the humidty, at 13:12 and completed 2.65 miles. Compared that to my first time out there 2.4 mles at a 14.04 pace back on August 2nd. So I am definitely showing signs of improvement/progress. Great!

Tomorrow is hill training at the Kemah bridge. I've missed the last 3 sessions, which isn't awful since I do bike over it, but I really need to get there to do it! Tomorrow will be the day.

Laundry is calling me; need to be productive today and start "Laboring"


  1. Congrats on hearing from one of your readers, and especially learning that you've inspired them. Very rewarding, I'm sure!

  2. Anonymous3:19 PM

    In my short time visiting triathelons, I am amazed at the "ordinary" people, who get up at oh god 30 and push themselves to compete, You all are truley amazing in my book.

    Oh and just so you know
    Here is your "soft golf clap"

    Keep up the hard work


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