Thursday Thirteen in a "Happy" Workplace

13 things to make the workplace, a happier place, according to me, and not some scientific or ivy league school study:

1) If it will improve the overall quality of someone's day, take care on how requests are made. Research shows that women prefer requests in the form of "Could you please..." and men prefer them in the form of "Would you please..."

2) If you ef-up, just own it. Next, learn from it. Not admitting your shortcomings doesn't make you appear like a super-hero... people only perceive you negatively thereafter. Everyone screws up, it's what you do next that counts.

3) Character is what you do when no one is watching. Don't take other people's food from the fridge. I'll share anything I have with anyone. Just let me know if it's the last of something.

4) Tight lipped smiles are not always an indication that someone is not friendly -- sometimes they're just shy and don't speak unless spoken to first.

5) Remember, we're all connected. There is no reason to treat the warehouse guy and the owner of the company differently. Look eachother in the eye and be friendly for crying out loud!

6) For a happier worklife, do what you are passionate about. And if you can't do that, then do whatever it is you do for a freakin' awesome boss that greets you each day with a, heartfelt "good morning" and a smile. Working for a boss, who you know would never let you fail is a plus too.

7) Sometimes, when people get snippy, it's not always about you. Generally it's something in their world making everyone else miserable.

8) Know that no matter what, you have to be flexible. Rules and priorities make no matter -- people always remember when you were an obstacle to their productivity, so be remembered otherwise.

9) A little levity never hurts. Take time to hula hoop, play ping-pong on the conference room table, rollerblade on the first floor, and have lunch together a few times a month. What? Not everyone does that at work?

10) Be reminded of the things that make you happy and pay it forward. If you like it when someone shows you appreciation, do the same for others. It has endless payoffs and in suprirising ways.

11) Breaks are a necessary part of the day. Take a moment to make the most grouchy or stressed person in your workplace to smile.

12) When everything seems to be overwhelming and nothing seems to be going right, just be present and relax. In the big picture the sun will still set in the evening and your family will still love you, in spite of anything that doesn't get done/resolved that day.

13) Completeing a work realated Thursday 13, which at work, was a good reminder of how lucky I am.... even though it doesn't always feel that way.


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  1. I don't think I'm up to minding "coulds" and "woulds".

  2. I totally agree!
    Wonderful list!
    Have a great day!

  3. I had to Tweet this post! It's really good. Happy TT.


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