Thursday Thirteen -- Tri-style. :)

13 things that will remind me that I am, indeed, a triathlete:

1) When I am asked my age, and I automatically blurt out my "race age", even if it does make me year older than I technically am (race age = your age by the 12/31 of the current year)

2) My training time is limited more by my availability and not by how far I can swim/bike or run.

3) Like Mom's who carry Goldfish and Cheerios in their bag, I carry Cliff Bars, Shot Blocks and maybe a single-serve of CytoMax.

4) I have a seemingly endless supply of water bottles, safety pins and tee-shirts.

5) When a co-worker asks me what I am doing this weekend, I reply, "I'm running a 10K" but don't feel like that's REALLY a race.

6) I will probably spend more time seeking out the correct technical gear than I will when I purchase a new car.

7) Everybody knows that when I am even contemplating doing a race, or are just on the fence, that means I'm doing it. Although, nobody ever believes me when I say "never again" (I really do mean that about the 2010 MS150).

8) Bodygilde isn't just for racing; I've used it on non-training days when I've worn dresses/skirts.

9) Wherever I am there's hydration within reach.

10) My Domestic Financial Officer (DFO aka Hubs) suggests we ned a Triathlon budget category in Microsoft Money.

11) You actually eat "good" carbohydrates in moderation and don't feel badly about it.

12) I can locate my heart-rate monitor and swim goggles more quickly than I can find my keys.

13) When I get a weekday off from work, the first thing I think of is "Great! I can make it a long-training day!"


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  1. I carry bottles of water with me all the time too, but I don't 'do triathlete anything' LOL [I lived in the desert of AZ for years, and if you don't go with a bottle of might as well stay home.

    My 13 is posted if you'd like to stop by and read ''s a list of 13 plays on words with a bit of humor.

  2. Wow, you're a triathlete? I'm impressed.

  3. Haha Brenda... I should qualify: I am a triathlete in that I participate in triathlons, though I am not competitive! :)

  4. Participation out weighs competition any day! That was an interesting and informative list.

    Calico Contemplations

  5. Great T13. I'm a runner with a secret desire to try a tri. Run and bike I can do. Swim? No so much.


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