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All things Thyroid
Dr. B's office finally called. And, once again, we're changing up how we dose the Levoxyl.

.175 mcg everydaytoo much
.100 mcg every day too much
.88 mcg every day too little
Alternating .100/.88 each daytoo little

Now, we're going to try .100 mcg Monday through Friday and .88 on the weekends.

So, starting today we'll proceed as described. I go back in 4 weeks ...another month. Ugh!

In other news some of my tri club friends are headed out to OKC for the Redman Triathlon. I think most of them are doing the half ironman/70.3 distance; the distance I hope to do one day -- maybe even next year, depending on how my Oly distance training goes and pans out. :) Oh, yeah, that and if completing the half-marathon doesn't kill me and just makes me stronger. LOL

Not sure if I posted it.. probably not because I'm not 100% sure it will happen, but I did sign up to volunteer for Ironman Florida the weekend of my b'day, November 7th. Again, some of my tri club friends are participating, including Cathy, my local She-ro. :) Darren and I have a plan... we just have to see if execution is possible.

I'm finally feeling better. I was completely out of it the greater part of the week, since last Friday, with a killer sinus infection. Left me feeling like I had a virus of sorts... it was awful. I'm on the upswing today, after about 5 days of misery. I'll be running for the first time since last Thursday night.

Vits and Sups
I have decided to ditch my Flintstone's Complete (per my surgeon's protocol) and changed to Bariatric Advantage. I'm trying their chewable Multi with high AEDK. I've never had a problem with Iron, so we'll see what happens. I've also added Selenium and an extra Vitamin D3 for Thyroid supplort. I'm also giving their chewable calcium citrate a try.

Thoughts on Kanaye's antics?
Two words: Grow-up. Add to that what Leno said: "What would your mother say?" Kudos to Taylor for keeping her composure.

Thoughts on Serena's outburst?
Where did good sportsmanship go? I'm totally a fan girl, but very disappointed.

Thoughts on Senator Joe Wilson?
You're a grown man! Where did your ability to respect go? You may not care for Obama, and that's fine, but respect the proceedings of the government which you serve.

It's a sad state we are in when people act out in this way and don't seem genuinely sorry or remorseful. It is as if being "civil" is an artform slowly being lost.


  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Hey, girl. First of all, TOTALLY agree on all your unsolicited thoughts! Nice little summary. :)

    Tell me, how did you feel when you were taking too much Levoxyl? He just increased my dosage, and I'm wondering if all's well. Feel free to email me. corrie dot taliaferro at kbr dot com.


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